PC Running out of things to do?

Discussion in 'PC General Talk' started by Demoralizd, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Demoralizd

    Demoralizd Terrarian

    I am new here so please let me know if this is in the wrong place.
    Anyway, I have been worried that I will end up with nothing left to do.
    I have full Beetle armor, defeated Golem (5-15 times), eliminated all Crimson, explored my ENTIRE map, etc. I am not sure what to do next.
    The things I know I can still do:
    Get the Truffle NPC (easy)
    make a Chlorophyte Farm (semi time-consuming)
    Beat Duke Fishron (easy I assume)

    Does anyone have some suggestions of what I should do next?
    And no, I currently don't want to start a new world/character at the moment.
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  2. JoeReturns

    JoeReturns Terrarian

    Simply put: Build stuff.
  3. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    Build stuff or do it again....but with challenges ;)
    Like this time you can't use any accessories. Or molten armor is as high as you can go....beat the mechs with molten armor ;) lol. There's actually a lot of stuff, you can never have absolutely nothing to do in terraria
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  4. Demoralizd

    Demoralizd Terrarian

    What are some ideas of stuff to build? I really don't have any ideas.
  5. JoeReturns

    JoeReturns Terrarian

    Individual NPC houses.

    Youtube may also give you some ideas :)
  6. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    Not trying to answer for him.

    But a air ship, hotel, castle, dungeon, the Mines of Moriah, Collisium, tower, characters, titanic type ships, battle ships, etc.
  7. Demoralizd

    Demoralizd Terrarian

    Thanks for the ideas. I'll go build stuff now :)
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  8. JoeReturns

    JoeReturns Terrarian

    You're welcome :)

    Good luck with the builds :D
  9. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    Here's some stuff you can do:

    -Collect the highest tier armors/weapons for other classes (you've got Beetle, try getting Spectre, Shroomite, etc.)

    -Farm for all the rare boss drops/trophy's

    -Do the moon events (Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon)

    -Build things :p
  10. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    Goofing around in multiplayer, challenging friends and others to PvP competitions, and building mass structures seem to be the craze after finishing the main single player survival.
  11. Pumprince

    Pumprince Terrarian

    you killed GOLEM, put not killed duke fishron and the moons (DONT TRY TO KILL MY DAD)

    is coming the 1.3, so you can restart a new world with half of your itens.

    or you can get all pets.

    or you can do 2 when 1.3 comes.
  12. neoselket

    neoselket Dungeon Spirit

    if you haven't, defeat the pumpkin and frost moon.
  13. iwearthecheese

    iwearthecheese Terrarian

    I know you have a few suggestions but collecting all the minions if you haven't already, may use up some time.