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    When 1.3.5 came out - I went and enabled the Russian translation of the game since I'm a Russian myself and it's my language.
    I played a bit and found many mistakes. Also I've collected some mistakes from other people.
    You might say that the translation is good but many Russian people who speak Russian will not agree.

    NPC names:

    First of all, I would like to say that NPCs names should be translated. This just looks weird when you see an english name in a russian sentence.

    Tome of Infinite Wisdom tooltip mistake:
    In the end of the first sentence is a mistake. Originally, it says "Gotta wonder who stuck a tome of infinite wisdom on a stick..." but think somebody mixed up word "Sticky" (Which means "Липкий" in this translations) with "Stick (Wich means Палка and should be there). The right translation would be: "Интересно, кто умудрился насадить книгу бесконечной мудрости на палку...".
    Wrong: В липкую (To sticky)
    Right: На палку (On a stick)

    Ogre from Old One's Army wrong name:
    The Ogre, basically, became... a Man-Eater. How? Don't know. It should be "Огр" since Shrek isn't a Man-Eater. Same thing with Ogre Trophy.
    Wrong: Людоед (Man-Eater)
    Right: Огр (Ogre)

    Mana Star wrong name:
    The Mana Star is just called Star! Short name. Should be "Звезда маны".

    Three dots near the "Health" in Health Bar:
    The word Health near the Health Bar has three dots but it doesn't in English? Where did they come from!?

    NPC arrival message bug:
    "Boss Romeo - the Travelling Merchant has arrived!" - shocking truth about our favourite Travelling Merchant! He is actually a boss.
    "Player Romeo - the Travelling Merchant is resting in peace!" - now our NPC is a player and somehow resting in peace.

    Everscream translation:
    This looks very weird in russian. As for me, it should be just called "Злая ель" instead of "Злобноель".
    Wrong: Злобноель (Evilpine)
    Right: Злая Ель (Evil Pine)

    Red's Throw translation:
    It just looks like an unfinished translation. It should be called "Бросок Red'a" or maybe "Бросок Рэда".
    Wrong: Red
    Right: Red'a/Реда

    Gemspark Blocks translation:
    These are called "Витраж" which means "Stained-Glass". We have Stained-Glass walls but does Gemspark Blocks looks like Stained-Glass? It should be called "Самоцветный блок" (Basically "Gem Block")
    Wrong: Витраж (Stained Glass)
    Right: Самоцветный блок (Gemspark Block)

    Squire armor translation:
    Squire armor translation doesn't have Squire translated in it.
    Wrong: Squire (In the end of the tooltip)
    Сквайр (Squire)

    Soul of Flight translation:
    Soul of Flight just became Soul of Air. Maybe it's acceptable but it's better to say just "Душа полёта" (Which means Soul of Flight).
    Wrong: Воздуха (Air)
    Right: Полёта (Flight)

    Candy Corn Rifle translation:
    It is basically have "Candy Corn" just typed in russian letters (Кенди корна). Probably should be "Кукурузная винтовка" or "Винтовка сладкого попкорна" (Candy Corn)
    Wrong: Винтовка из кенди корна (Candy Corn Rifle)
    Right: Кукурузная винтовка / Винтовка сладкого попкорна (Candy Corn Rifle)

    Fuzzy Carrot translation:
    Somehow it became Illegible Carrot. Of course, you can translate Fuzzy as "Нечёткий" (Illegible) but it's right to translate it as "Пушистая морковь" (Fuzzy).
    Wrong: Нечёткая (Fuzzy)
    Right: Пушистая (Fuzzy)

    Rod of Discord translation:
    It became a Rod of Disagreements (Разногласий = Disagreements). Should be called "Жезл раздора" (Discord)
    Wrong: Разногласий (Discord)
    Right: Раздора (Discord)

    Grappling Hook translation:
    Grappling Hook became a... Cat. Yeah, a cat, why not to use a cat as a hook!? It should be named "Крюк-Кошка" (Which actually means Grappling Hook and not a Cat).
    Wrong: Кошка (Cat)
    Right: Крюк-Кошка (Grappling Hook)

    Word "Tiles" translation:
    This is my favourite. Word "Плитка" in Russian means... Dalle! On english blocks and placeables in Terraria are called Tiles for sure but in Russian word "Tiles" should be called just "Блок" (Block). It really looks awkward when you see this word in Achievements, Rockets and Explosives tooltips (Imagine that Grenade tooltip says that it doesn't destroy Dalle.
    Wrong: Плитка (Tile, Dalle)
    Right: Блок (Block)

    "Sumbit" button translation:

    The "Sumbit" button in World creation is translated as "Send". It should be translated as "Подтвердить" as it's one of the "Submit" meaning in russian and it's the right one.
    Wrong: Отправить (Sent)
    Right: Подтвердить (Submit)

    That's all for now, hope it helps making a better translation and I hope some of this mistakes will be changed. If I will find more mistakes - I'll post them here :)
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    Wow, a lot to take in. Feel free to make a new post in this thread with more additions @zadum4ivii, so we don't get them all mixed up. :)

    Thanks a ton for all of these!
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    Mana is translated as "Манна" (Basically "Manna" with two "N" letters). Should be called "Мана".
    Wrong: Манна (Manna)
    Right: Мана (Mana)

    Suspicious Glowing Mushroom is summoning... An Arch-Wyvern? What? Should be probably summon "Детеныша Трюфеля" (Baby Truffle)
    Same with the buff. A Mushroom isn't a Arch-Wyvern!
    Wrong: Архививерна (Arch-Wyvern)
    Right: Детеныш Трюфеля (Baby Truffle)

    Jetpack has a little mistake in it's tooltip. It says "ВВЕРЖ", while it should be "ВВЕРХ".
    Wrong: ВВЕРЖ (Misspelled UP)
    Right: ВВЕРХ (UP)

    Purple Clubber-Fish ins't a Bass, right? ("Окунь" = "Bass"). Should be called "Пурпурная рыба-дубина" (Purple Clubber-Fish).
    Wrong: Морской окунь (Ocean Bass)
    Right: Пурпурная рыба-дубина (Purple Clubberfish)

    Brain Scrambler shouldn't be called "Мозгокрут" (Like "Brain-Twister). It's "Шифратор мозга" (Which is actually translated as "Brain Scrambler")
    Wrong: Мозгокрут (Brain-Twister)
    Right: Шифратор мозга (Brain Scrambler)
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  4. zadum4ivii

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    No problem, glad to help! Hope this helps to make the translation better :happy:
  5. Nikita Matrosoff

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    I agree with @zadum4ivii. Something similar happened with mobile version. A lot of words were translated basically, i.e. translated titles aren't absolutely typical for game and gaming slang. For example, there is no synonym in Russian for gaming word "seed". And in localisation it was translated like seed of plant. It can be unclear to players.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 19, 2017, Original Post Date: Apr 19, 2017 ---
    Translated inscription doesn't fit. And it was tranlated as "sounds of nature".
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    FYI @zadum4ivii, we are already in contact with our translators with the information you've provided. I'm sure its going to be a bit of back and forth, but your thread is currently the most comprehensive we have on Russian issues, and its being put to very good use already. Thank you again. :)
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  7. Nikita Matrosoff

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    Text from Weather Radio. Word "clear" was translated as verb.
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  8. zadum4ivii

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    Should be just "Чистая" (Clear).
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 19, 2017, Original Post Date: Apr 19, 2017 ---
    Nice, glad to hear that!
    By the way, why isn't the translation made in ANDY Font? It really looks weird after playing with that fance font.
    If your team doesn't have a Russian ANDY font - here it is (As I believe it is ANDY).
  9. Leinfors

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    For clarification, it WILL probably be helpful to both indicate what the word is incorrectly translated as, as well as what you recommend it should be translated as.

    Some of this may stem from the fact that you are Terraria players who speak the language, and our translation company are professional translators who don't know the context of Terraria. Mistakes will sometimes happen simply due to bad context, because they can't know the game as well as you guys do.

    So giving both sides of the equation will be really helpful in conveying where the problem is! :)

    EDIT: As for Andy font, I believe it was related to licensing issues. We know the Andy font exists for Cyrillic, but the decision not to include it was above my head.
  10. Nikita Matrosoff

    Nikita Matrosoff Steampunker

    Or "Ясная".
  11. zadum4ivii

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    Stardust Breastplate somehow became just... Stardust Plate? ("Плита" = "Plate", should be "Нагрудник" = "Breastplate")
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 19, 2017, Original Post Date: Apr 19, 2017 ---
    I'll add wrong words to the OP :)

    Edit: I've added Wrong and Right words for each case.
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    May I join in with some minor errors?

    World Types:

    Multiple mismatches here. "Мир Большой", "Мир Маленький" и "Мир Средний" should be "Большой", "Маленький" and "Средний" respectively. The word "Мир" should be omitted.

    "Эксперт" should be "Экспертный" and "Обычная" should be "Обычный". Gender mismatch, plus it's a mix of an adjective and a noun.

    Smart Cursor:

    "Удерживать" and "Переключить" should be "удерживание" and "переключение" respectively. Improper capitalization and tense mismatch.

    "Киркотопор -> топор" and "Топор - киркотопор" (the same option in reverse) should be "кирка -> топор" and "топор -> кирка" respectively. Improper capitalization and incorrect description ("Киркотопор" stands for "Picksaw").

    Passwords Hide/Show:

    A stylistic mismatch. "скрыто" should be "скрыты" and "видно" should be "видны".

    softcore.png mediumcore.png hardcore.png

    Mostly stylistic mismatches and redundancy.

    "Персонажи при низкой сложности теряют деньги" should be "Персонажи теряют монеты при смерти";
    "Персонажи при средней сложности теряют предметы при смерти" should be "Персонажи теряют предметы при смерти";
    "Персонажи при высокой сложности мрут как мухи" should be "Персонажи не возрождаются".
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  13. Nikita Matrosoff

    Nikita Matrosoff Steampunker

    In main menu Singleplayer was translated as "Один игрок" or "One player". More typically to say "Одиночная игра" or "Game for one player" if translate by words.
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  14. Human

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    "Одиночная игра" is the proper translation.
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  15. Nikita Matrosoff

    Nikita Matrosoff Steampunker

    Actually, there is a good rusifier for Terraria that considers all features of Russian language: If it is necessary, your translators can compare their work with work of Russian community.
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  16. Human

    Human Terrarian

    And as a general error, "Mana" is written as "Манна" in all instances. It should be "Мана".
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    It's already in my posts :)
  18. CrimsHallowHero

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    As for "seed", it actually has a term used not only in games but also in other PRNG things. And it is "зерно".
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    That is correct.
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    Вау. Сколько же ты этого искал? Я даже обновить не успел, а тут уже столько исправлений .-.
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