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Mobile Safe and piggy bank disappeared?!


As I was walking around with my piggy bank in my inventory, my game glitched out and it disappeared. I thought I must have placed it somewhere by accident as it was in my hot bar, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Confused, but not thinking much of it, I just bought another one. However, I started to think something was wrong when it happened again but with my safe - they're 50 gold coins so I wasn't just about to go buy another one in case it disappeared as well!
Is this happening to anyone else??


Mine didn't disappear but once my piggy bank's contents were replaced with the contents of my safe. The safe's contents were essentially duplicated into my piggy bank because I could take from one without the other being affected.
Sucks that I lost all the coins I stored in the piggy bank, though.

Also, this was on a previous version.
1.1.5822, I believe?
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