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I think it'd be cool if there was a world generation option similar to Minecraft's Superflat mode. Like, a Superflat Forest, Superflat Jungle, Superflat Desert, etc. Yes, you can do this in Journey mode quite easily... but it's tedious, I'm doing something similar and I think I'm damaging my hand, I'm gonna get RSI. 😅

Like, maybe it could be a Journey Mode exclusive world gen option, perfect for people who want to practice builds and see how the final product looks or maybe people who want to test how long they can survive with no trees, no ores, just them and the gear in their hands vs the world. Plus it has applications in Roleplay too which is likely what I'd use it for. 🧙‍♂️

I'd totally understand if this isn't implemented but I think a bare world meant for building and/or challenges, maybe minigames like Hunger Games, Capture the Gem, Adventure maps, etc would be fun, interesting and convenient. At least more fun than doing it manually and having my hand lock up every half hour and the whole thing feeling pointless. 😣

Hopefully this post is in the right area and isn't buried. I hope it gets a good response and some alternative is found/implemented. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, upvotes or otherwise supports this idea. Maybe it's not a new idea and there's a selection of these worlds already? Or maybe someone has made a mod of this? Any information is also greatly appreciated. <3
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