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Save the Jungle! V2

Do you want the jungle to be protected?

  • Yes! I only want my jungle to be protected from the corruption, none of that cross-biome nonsense.

    Votes: 1,027 59.4%
  • Yes! I want the jungle to fuse with the spirits of light and dark. (Comment on what you want added.)

    Votes: 533 30.8%
  • No! I love watching the jungle wither away to become a corrupt wasteland that can never be restored.

    Votes: 60 3.5%
  • Uh… I don’t really care… Am I supposed to?

    Votes: 109 6.3%

  • Total voters


then you guys probably didnt builded walls with empty pockets around it, so ofc nothing stoped it to keep spreading, I did that on all my biomes, ocean, snow, desert, my crimson is contained. Also I spreaded hallow around the jungle so it actcs as a natural barrier as well.
I built Hellivators to separate my biomes AND a subway system to create even more gaps to prevent biome spread. I mentioned it in a previous post:
As an Autistic with a side case of OCD, (which isn`t uncommon, look it up), I can agree with this. When I dug my Hellivators to protect against biome spread for when I finally throw my world into Hardmode I took extra time to dig down the edges of my Ocean biomes, replacing the sand with Obsidian brick until I dug past the Ocean. The rest of my digging basically resulted in a Hellivator with the top capped off with Obsidian brick. No :red:ing way i`m letting Corruption get where I can`t reach!
5 or 6 blocks wide and I didn`t lose my Oceans because I took Gills potions with me and dug down, filling the openings above me where the sand used to be so the Ocean wouldn`t drain out through the hole I was digging. Only a small amount of Water was lost by doing this.


Honestly I want it protected too. For most casuals, there isn't enough time to actually kill Plantera. Corruption or Crimson will take over way too fast, and while Cross Biome isn't bad, all these new monsters will make the jungle too complex. Personally I want to fully protect this land.

Tyrax Lightning

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After defeating plantera the corrption/crimson/hallow spread 66% slower, pretty sure that's more than enough to easily handle it...
Personally, I feel like a better change would be to allow the glowing mushroom grass to spread slowly over regular/pure grass and convert it to mud. Mushroom biomes are naturally isolated underground and don't spread over stone, so it wouldn't overtake any biomes by itself. Mushroom grass is easily turned into jungle grass by means of the clemtaminator, so any mud the jungle that was turned into dirt by the corruption or crimson could be purified to regular grass, then turned into mud by mushroom grass, and turned back into the original jungle biome.
If people really want their worlds to be clear of the crimson and corruption they have to work hard to do so, and my suggestion could make it possible over time, no free-bee protection mechanics please!


I have an idea. The spread of the Corruption/Crimson in the jungle is the same as other normal biomes (such as Forest, Desert, and Underground) during HardMode, but after a Corrupted/Crimsoned Plantera is defeated, the Jungle gets full immunity. Corrupted/Crimsoned areas of the Jungle can be reverted back to normal Jungle. A jungle can still be converted into Corruption/Crimson manually after their defeat tho (Clenteminator, UnHoly/Blood Water, etc).

As for Hallow being able to take over the jungle, I am gonna go ahead and say that this shouldn't happen.


Skeletron Prime
I would like it if the Jungle was protected from conversion. Currently, I always make sure that my initial Corruption/Crimson are either destroyed or purified before I enter hardmode because I want to protect my biomes from being converted and I usually end up using a map viewer to see if I missed any blocks
The Jungle is especially annoying, because, as stated, you can't really revert the damage done in any meaningful way.
My personal preferences in order would be:
1. Jungle is immune like Mushroom Biomes.
2. Have Chlorophyte spawn drastically increased near Corruption/Crimson blocks and buff its dirt to mud conversion abilities to create a natural defense mechanism.
3. Introduce a dark green solution that can turn any biome into a jungle by converting dirt into mud
4. Crimson/Corruption do spread, but don't convert mud into dirt.

In any case, I do agree that the Jungle should have some more protection than that little bit that chlorophyte currently offers.


My jungle is literally being attacked by the corruption right now, and i'm trying to fight Plantera at the same time. It's gonna make me fight enraged Plantera soon enough..


Skeletron Prime
An alternative reduction method that hasn't been explicitly mentioned is the role that minor stone deposits have on the spread of corruption through the Jungle.
The presence of stone is more or less a gradient on both sides with a more mud pure center however even this is filled with stone pockets that seem to spawn in a similar manner to ore veins as well as silt which while normally is uncorruptable can be converted to corruptable sand by the WOF.

When a wall of flesh intrusion spreads through the jungle it only converts stone and slit into their corrupted stone / sand thus eliminating these and proper external quarantine in combination can theoretically make the jungle 100% incorruptible, unfortunately while scarce comparative to mud, there is a lot of stone in the jungle spread over a large distance.

While less likely their is also a real risk from demon altars. The quarantine was recently broken on a hardmode world used for its partially corrupted(and contained) desert. On that world as the hallow cut through the corrupt chasms directly I started converting it into a base which resulted in the destruction of demon alters...

It just so happens that RNG decided to convert a stone block in the Jungle and it was able to spread.

additionally a pure mud Jungle is easier to save than a jungle with higher traces of stone as the corruption is stuck at a surface level and unable to intrude into the deep mud. This lets the problem be solved by scalping off the dirt/corrupt grass and restoring the removed mud layers+jungle grass.

SO in short if their was a reduction of stone quantity or a sharp transition between cavern and jungle it would afford more protection to the jungle.

Still the jungle needs protection.
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The God Of Demon's

Skeletron Prime
can't we just create a new custom jungle biome?
fleshy floral Flood-like fungus fleshy floral Flood-like fungus fleshy floral Flood-like fungus
ik my home land is truly beatiful!
[doublepost=1475054403][/doublepost]leave the Crimson alone! that's my home!


I think it would be interesting to see a jungle get a corrupted/crimson/hallow counterpart. I just thought it would preserve the jungle and keep it interesting without applying much pressure to saving it. I got some suggestions that can help it

-Coconuts (pretty good early-hardmode throwing weapon, dropped by Psycho Monkey, Twisted Monkey, Bloodlthirsty Monkey, and Chaotic Monkey)
-Bananas (edible food item refilling 75 health and a material for crafting bananarangs, a perfect substitute to farming clowns during a Blood Moon)
-Snake Fang (Material for venom darts and Viper Flail and Snake Tooth sword, both of which inflicts Venom; dropped by Giant Snake and its corrupt/crimson/hallow counterparts, Deathly Snake, Wretched Snake, and Gleamscale Snake)
-Plant Thorn Balls (hardmode version of Spiky Ball, except stronger than coconuts and can poison enemies that get hit; dropped by any Planteraling)
-Bulb Petals (Uncommon Drop from the equally uncommon Planteraling; bunch of them needed to create squealing bulb to make it easier to summon Plantera without finding Plantera Bulbs, basically for those who are too lazy to explore the whole Jungle looking for the bulbs)
-Snake Tooth Sword (Hardmode Blade of Grass; inflicts venom; made with Jungle Spores, Stingers, and Snake Fangs)
-Viper Flail
-Normal Monkey (the Bunny of the Jungle Biome)
-Psycho Monkey (because Jungle)
-Mud Slime (Hardmode Jungle Slime)
-Deadly Hornet (Hardmode Hornet)
-Giant Snake (because Jungle)
-Planteraling (smaller enemy version of Plantera, shooting poisonous chlorospit and use plantera's spikey plant balls, has )

Corruption: Purpleish-grey jungle grass and jungle leave and grows corrupt thorns and a mix of Mahogany wood and Ebonwood
-Nightmarish Snake Tooth (Corrupt version of Snake Tooth)
-Corrupt Jungle Bat
-Twisted Monkey
-Putrid Mud Slime
-Dark Tortoise
-Souless Hornet
-Soul Snatcher
-Deathly Snake
-Vile Planteraling (Shoots vile spit like the corruptors, and demon-thorn balls)

Crimson: Dark Red jungle grass and jungle leaves and grows crimson thorns and a mix of Mahogany wood and Shadewood
-Flesh Snake Tooth (Crimson Version of Snake Tooth)
-Crimtane/Vicious Jungle Bat
-Bloodlthirsty Monkey
-Gorey Mud Slime
-Blood Tortoise
-Crimson Hornet
-Heart Snatcher (becaues Crimson is blood based)
-Wretched Snake
-Vicious Planteraling (Shoots vicious spit, and bloody thorn balls)

Hallow: Blue jungle grass and multicolored jungle leaves and grows sky blue thorns capable of spreading hallow and a mix of Mahogany wood and Pearlwood
-Celestial Snake Tooth (a hallowed Snake Tooth)
-Hallow Jungle Bat
-Chaotic Monkey
-Sparkly Mud Slime
-Crystal Tortoise
-Chaos Hornet
-Hallow Snatcher
-Gleamscale Snake
-Beautiful Planteraling (Shoot hallow spit, and hallow thorn balls)


Skeletron Prime
This thread was rewritten as of June 1, 2015, the old version of the thread can be found in a spoiler at the bottom of the page.

It became even worse in 1.2, when the jungle became an integral part of hardmode and we got the clentaminator to fight back against the spreading biomes, yet this mechanic was left unchanged and the clentaminator wasn’t able to reverse the damage. I think it’s time to fix that.
Uh.....I don't know if this is present in PC, but on Android version (I have a Kindle Fire HD), you can use green solution to make the corrupted blocks jungle blocks again.


I made a backup of my world before entering Hardmode in case the Crimson appears on the jungle side. Of course it did. I replaced the "failed" hardmode world with the backup until the Hallow was on the Jungle side and the Crimson wasn't right next to my base. It took about eight tries to get it right.
Now the Jungle blocks the Hallow from spreading much and the Ice Biome's large amounts of snow and lack of grass block Crimson's
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This is why I grab as many jungle grass seeds as I can and surround the jungle with pearlstone blocks
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