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Save the Jungle! V2

Do you want the jungle to be protected?

  • Yes! I only want my jungle to be protected from the corruption, none of that cross-biome nonsense.

    Votes: 1,152 59.0%
  • Yes! I want the jungle to fuse with the spirits of light and dark. (Comment on what you want added.)

    Votes: 607 31.1%
  • No! I love watching the jungle wither away to become a corrupt wasteland that can never be restored.

    Votes: 66 3.4%
  • Uh… I don’t really care… Am I supposed to?

    Votes: 129 6.6%

  • Total voters


Official Terrarian
I love the Jungle and Underground Jungle its one of my favourite biomes i still rememebr when i first found it on an old xbox360 world and getting murdered by piranhas and snatchers as well as man eaters, now if you will excuse me i need to crimsonify some jungle.>8D
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