Save the Jungle! V2

Do you want the jungle to be protected?

  • Yes! I only want my jungle to be protected from the corruption, none of that cross-biome nonsense.

    Votes: 1,170 59.0%
  • Yes! I want the jungle to fuse with the spirits of light and dark. (Comment on what you want added.)

    Votes: 615 31.0%
  • No! I love watching the jungle wither away to become a corrupt wasteland that can never be restored.

    Votes: 67 3.4%
  • Uh… I don’t really care… Am I supposed to?

    Votes: 131 6.6%

  • Total voters


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I love the Jungle and Underground Jungle its one of my favourite biomes i still rememebr when i first found it on an old xbox360 world and getting murdered by piranhas and snatchers as well as man eaters, now if you will excuse me i need to crimsonify some jungle.>8D

UPDATE: I saw the angry emoticon reply, relax my dudes it was a joke, I love the Jungle really.
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Corrupt jungle: Flesh-eating Worm
Crimson jungle: Mutated Mosquito
Hallowed jungle: Tropical Fruit Bat

That's all I got.
Mutated mosquito is now definitely something I’d love to see (and massacre by the dozens :3) lol

I know there probably won’t be any more updates with something this major, but eh


I actually stopped playing the game for years because of this, twice. The idea that your sandbox world can permanently (unless you want to singlehandedly rebuild an entire biome) lose variety is so incredibly anti-fun. I wouldn't care if it converted in a reversible way, like turning mud into corrupt/crimson/hallow mud, and jungle grass into jungle-corrupted/crimson/hallowed grass, etc. If it was like that then the player could always feasibly work on restoring it with the clentaminator (which is already a lot of work, and good luck if you miss any single blocks). As it stands, you essentially have to babysit the jungle for your whole game, or it'll just get progressively destroyed permanently. I like being able to build different themed structures in all the different biomes, and I really love the aesthetics of the jungle, especially underground, but knowing that it'll most likely get totally messed up despite my best attempts really hampers my desire to engage with the building aspects of the game from the get-go.


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Just clarifying again, I was only kidding about infecting the jungle in response to some of the angry reactions I got, I dont mind if the hallow gets it as it helps me a lot and at least the crimson and corruption has a harder time getting in, but it really annoys me when my Jungle gets infected hence why on PC I use TEdit to hallowify the Jungle and around it so its completely innume to infection unless it gets bisected by the wrong side of the V shape during the initional hardmode conversion.


I have heard the reason they don't want to combine the evils (and Hallow) with the Jungle was because it would screw with the difficulty but what if the spread was just a sprite change? So it would be the same enemies and such but it would at least look different while still ensuring the Jungle continues to exist.
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