Saved & Exited off Terraria and came back 19 hours later to both my character and world, I had been on, corrupted


Yesterday at 7:15pm, I Saved and Exited my world, then I exited Terraria and shut down my pc. Today I came back to my pc and got back on Terraria where I was met with my character looking like the default character, stats back to default and my characters name with "error" at the end. I selected one of my other characters and learned that my world also had a problem. It was missing its name and would not load at all not even letting me select it. At this point I lost it and went crazy trying to find a solution. I uninstalled and reinstalled, I clicked 'verify integrity of game files...' in steam, I checked to see if I could download the files in previous versions, I even downloaded a file recovery wizard software to scan my entire Terraria folder and find deleted files that could maybe help me. I ended up with 4 items for my character and what I assume to be a backup for my world; All 5 items unfortunately dating back to 12/26/22 and today is 1/1/23. Replacing the files got my dated character into the game and supposedly working (I haven't tried but it is allowing me to select the character). For my world it is sadly not the same case as it seems no matter what I do it is unchanging except, for getting a name back but with underlines in it and actually allowing me to select it although stating the loading failed and asking me to load a backup where it then says there are no backups. I came to realize after looking at game clips I made, and with the speed at which I was making progress, it would be pointless for me to even start with a backup from 5 days ago. So I come here in desperation for help on if there is any way to retrieve my world to what it was yesterday. I was prepared to fight Moon Lord today, and even made the coolest arena thingy that I ended up not even getting to use but that aside, if there is no real solution without having to date back days then it's ok. To say that it's incomprehensible how unbelievably upset I am would be the biggest understatement ever expressed in human history, but again if there really is no way to fix such a problem, then it is what it is. I've attached 2 screenshots: The character I'm speaking of is "Itzy" and the world is "The Gleamless Peninsula" (The world was made back in March but I stopped playing after a few days and just started back up on the 21st of December). The World is an Expert world, I'm not sure why it's saying classic but the name also doesn't have underlines so I'm assuming it's just another effect from the corruption. To mention, these screenshots were taken after I did everything, this is not what they looked like when I initially found them. They were completely unusable before.

Screenshot (357).png

Screenshot (358).png
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