Scalar's Structurizer: A worldgen helper `library`

Another update! I really need to find somthing else to do

- Added the chest wand and support for generating chest items from sets of rules! see The Wiki for more information about how to use this.
- Chests without rules will now generate as empty-openable chests as opposed to "ghost chests" which had no inventory
- Fixed a bug where multistructures would not save with a version tag, causing them to attempt to load the new file format as the old one which would cause a crash. If you have experienced this you will have to remake and re-save these multistructures.
- Updated some UI assets
- Added methods to get the dimensions of a structure or specific multistructure (this was actually part of the last update, I just forgot to include it in the patch notes)
- Updated some chat messages to have less aggressive punctuation
- Removed some debug items that slipped into the last update by accident
Thanks for the report, will look into a fix for this with the next update
i should mention the index out of bounds of array exception happens in LegacyGenerator.cs at these lines:
tile.wire(d.Wire[0] > 0);
tile.wire2(d.Wire[1] > 0);
tile.wire3(d.Wire[2] > 0);
tile.wire4(d.Wire[3] > 0);

edit: didnt see the update, nevermind
can you explain?


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Hey I have a suggestion, will the next update allow rules on modded chests instead of just vanilla ones? I would really appreciate it
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Version 2.0.0 released

-Ported to 1.4
-Changed file format, old structure files from 1.X.X versions of the mod are no longer compatible.
Hi sorry to bother you... :(
I've changed my mod's name recently (renaming the csproj file, the snl one, the name in the build.txt and all the namespace) and apparently the Generate Structure doesn't recognise my new name.
My new name is "BuriedMystery", my old name was just "Test"

Here is the code for the gen pass

and here is the error

here is how it looks like in the logs

The GenerateStructure function worked fine before changing the mod's name.

Do you know what could cause this issue ?
everything works fine but my structure doesn't generate!!! also i generated a 50x50 of ruby gemspark blocks and it works fine so it is structure helper for sure. scalar, do you know what i do?
2.1.0 Released:
-Structure placer wand now previews the structure to be placed
-Structure wand will now move the first/second points to the correct positions if placed in the incorrect order

2.2.0 Released:
-Exposed Saver API in preperation for DragonLens integration
-Fixed a bug where multistructure wand would not invert points
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StructureHelper 2.5.0 Released!


- Added support for saving and loading echo coating and wall birghtness (no idea what this is in vanilla but its there now!)

- Improved the structure and multistructure wand selection interface, you can now see a preview of the area you will select, and can click/drag the selection points to resize it. You can also select corners in any order now.

- Added an optional generation flag parameter to the generate functions, allowing you to use the following advanced generation options:
- NullsKeepGivenSlope, null tiles will keep the slope they are hammered to isntead of inheriting the slope of the tile that takes it over
- NullsKeepGivenPaint, null tiles and walls will keep the paint they are given instead of inheriting the paint of the tile that takes it over
- IgnoreTileEntityData, custom TE data is not generated, instead TEs are placed as if they are new on generation

- Added a naming prompt when saving structures. No more SavedStructure--Date stuff thats really difficult to keep track of.

- Updated the structure placer wand with switches for the various generation flags mentioned above to test with those

Bug fixes
- Fixed an issue where the chest wand UI was looking for an asset from DragonLens

- Fixed a few instances where UI would not properly block mouse clicks

- Fixed some vanilla tile entities not saving their data correctly, and intentionally ignore logic sensor data as they store absolute positions for some godforsaken reason
- Added support for saving and loading echo coating and wall birghtness (no idea what this is in vanilla but its there now!)
Echo Coating is a coating that makes blocks invisible. (Coatings are like paints except not because there's a limit on how many paints there can be)
Idk what wall brightness is though.
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