Mobile Scaly Truffle cavern?

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  1. kurai01

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    I've been hunting the scaly truffle for about a week now, fished up hundreds and hundreds of fish in a few different worlds all within Crimson/Corruption/Hallowed & Snow Biome crossovers. Some online comments just say that the biome crossover has to occur underground and fishing needs to be done in an underground pool. A few others suggest that the Scaly Truffle would only drop at the Cavern layer.

    My problem is that I've yet to see an underground Snow biome crossover that extends to the Cavern layer. They all stop at the same place which appears to coincide with the bottom of the underground layer (mostly dirt blocks as opposed to stone) They stop with a hard line and below that there is definitely stone and the appropriate Hallowed/Crimson/Corruption, but NO Snow.

    Have I just not hit the right world yet? I've created/visited about 10 that have a crossover, but none extend down to Cavern.

    Does fishing in the Cavern area simply below the appropriate crossover work? It seems like it wouldn't and would be a waste of time.

    Fishing quest armor not dropping and Master Bait not dropping from chests or quest rewards his seriously hindering the effort. (Both of these are bugs, completed close to 40 fishing quests with no fixed drops yet...)

    Thanks for any help or advice!
    ~ kurai
  2. SteveisNoob

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    You can make an artificial ice cavern by using purple/blue/red ice blocks, and since it's on the cavern layer you can catch up a good Scaly Truffle. According to wiki, there's no way to have a frozen biome going deeper into the cavern layer.
  3. kurai01

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    Interesting idea, didn't know I could create the hybrid biome using those blocks, figured it would turn into something else actually. Do you happen to know, does the water need to be completely surrounded, in addition to the spot I'm fishing? I've only ever created the artificial mushroom biome on the surface for Truffle. Thanks for the tip!
  4. It doesn't have to. I've been able to fish up biome-specific things by standing in a biome while fishing from a lake in a neighboring biome.
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  5. kurai01

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    Down in the cavern layer and this definitely appears to be a hallowed snow biome now. Since I can't get the other angler gear, I wonder if the Angler Earring stacks with itself, I do have two...

    Thanks for the tips!
  6. Pretty sure you can't have two of the same accessory equipped at once.
  7. kurai01

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    The artificial biome was just what I needed, picked up a scaly truffle with a hundred or so casts, which even adding up all of the attempts, made this a lot easier than the Honeyed Googles. (500+ queens died) Thanks a ton!
  8. SteveisNoob

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    Fishing Potion adds +%30 fishing power, you can use it instead of Angler set.
  9. CRdft

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    May I ask which fishes did you caught alongside the scaly truffle?
  10. Turtlz4Dayz

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    I can't seem to get the scaly truffle either. I have been fishing for weeks in bothe cavern layer crimson and cavern layer hallowed (hallowed spread by clemtaminator) and can't seem to get it. I am using golden fishing rod, angler set, fishing and sonar potions, angler earing, and master bait. I have a total of 140 fishing power without time/weather bonuses. I am also fishing in a bigger than 300 tile pool. What is happening? I even tried to get a 1 on a random 1-50 number generator and got it on my 13 try. Am I super unlucky or doing something wrong. I am playing on ios version. Pigrons aren't spawning either, if that influences anything.

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  11. Darkstar01

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    Are you sure that's in the cavern layer? Pigrons should be spawning, and I'm pretty sure that the background should be a mixed Hallow/Ice rather than pure ice (though that may be different on mobile). You certainly appear to have more than enough Hallowed blocks in the area, so I doubt that's the problem.
  12. Turtlz4Dayz

    Turtlz4Dayz Terrarian

    I know it's the cavern layer the backround changes to a cavern background and i actually have never seen a hallowed pigron. I tried using a battle potion in the underground ice hallowed and none appeared. I tried changing my fishing area, because the old one had a ton of stone just under it. I have some screen shots too. image.png image.png
  13. Snakes

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    This is mine, i'm not getting anything.

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  14. CRdft

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    I have the same problem as well. I have been trying for months and I still haven't caught it. I think there is a bug or something.

    This is from my iOS device
  15. _.Good._.Night._

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    I agree with the comment above. I've been trying for a combined total of around 8 hours with 105% fishing power. I've fished in both the crimson/ice and hallowed/ice in the cavern layer. I haven't gotten a single Scaly Truffle. I've gotten several Zephyre fish however. If it is a bug, I hope the developers fix it soon. Mobile hasn't seen an update in almost a year!!!
  16. KP33

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    I have made an artificial overlapping hallow ice biome, and still haven't got it please help me.
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    Screenshot_20170728-235429.png This is it
  17. KP33

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    Please reply
  18. Unit One

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    There's nothing that can said that hasn't already been posted. The Scaly Truffle is a hard item to get.
  19. NASA

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    I'm fishing here, i used clentaminentator here. As you see i think om zeep enough and still i haven't got it

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  20. beamjinn32704

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    Screenshot_2017-11-11-19-22-25.png Screenshot_2017-11-11-19-22-25.png Screenshot_2017-11-11-19-22-25.png Screenshot_2017-11-11-19-22-25.png Screenshot_2017-11-11-19-22-03.png is this a place where i can get scaly truffle?
    P.s is it possible that with a truffle worm here, I can get a better chance of getting scaly truffle?