Scariest thing about Terraria


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scaries spider nests are terryfing and gross...have eggs and human heads and like real spiders.i dont know what stylist go make in a place like that!! this girl is more crazy than party girl! (no offenses, party girl is one off my favorite character)


My scariest thing so far.

Only been playing a week, tops. Know very little about the game (I avoid guides, too many sploilers). While mining, I find a teleport potion of some kind. I dont bother reading it in detail, just a glance. Am full on inv so try to TP back home, and end up wayyy underground my lava. Terrified..


The explosive traps. For me, they are literally scarier than FNAF. Every time, this is my thought process. 'What's that light over there? Oh, it's an undead miner. Let's run ov- AGH!


If jump scares count as scary, I would have to say the dang explosive traps. I always get jump scared by them.


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Traps, traps, traps. Dungeon guardians, dungeon guardians, dungeon guardians. Also, defeating a boss for the first time, as you don't know where it's coming from.
The scariest thing (to me) is probably what The Guide has to go through.
Like when his doll is dropped into lava to summon the WoF, I'm imagining him being slowly incinerated from the feet up.

And since that lava is a relatively viscous fluid, it'd have to be a pretty slow burn. Plus, because it's started from the feet and not the head, it doesn't kill him immediately.
He feels everything.
I actually enjoy the though of that.


Using a teleport potion while having 1 platinum in your inventory and ending up the dungeon, below 0 height. That's the last time I even touched those things before Skeletron was defeated.


dungeon guardian isnt scary for me.

what is scary though, is the destroyer coming back (after me and my brother died) and 75% of him is invisible (and invincible). lazers coming out of nowhere!!


Wall of Flesh
I've made 2 Ankh Shields before Plantera. Without going to other worlds. On different characters, as well.


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i get nervous because worldgen stinks i thought small worlds only have one corruption or crimson but most of the time they generate on both sides so wtf
The most spooky thing to me is that all main pre-hardmode bosses seem a part of something greater, eyes, brain, bone, muscle. You ask where EoW fits in? He is a lot like a tapeworm. Its true. Also the fact that NPCs call wall of flesh wall of guide and guide seems to know that he will die if you summon wall of flesh...:indifferent:
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