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  • Before I start, I have searched and haven't found another thread like this, so if you do please inform me, thank you. There was an old thread about this long ago; I asked one of the moderators (Loki ISP) to delete it so I can remake it again. The reasoning behind this action was the addition of new sprites and overhauling the concept.
  • The idea has been finalized and no more additions will be included. If possible, adjust your votes.
  • Please don't complain about a Hardmode Brain of Cthulhu variant for the Crimson or other bosses except The Twins. This is a Twins related thread, so anything irrelevant to the topic should be avoided.
  • So, it seems that we have 450+ "Yes" votes, and over 30K views. I'd like to thank all of you, for supporting the concept of Sclerepugnant; a crimson Spazmatism! If you'd like to spread Sclerepugnant throughout the forums, try attaching the support banner in your signature.
  • I can see how someone may be confused, but if you read everything carefully it's fairly simple.
Messages to Everyone and TL;WNR (Too Long; Will Not Read)
This Suggestion is all about adding a Crimson Variant of Spazmatism. Sclerepugnant (the Crimson eye) will have a unique Expert mode Bag, a unique trophy, and mask. Also, the Spawners' and Optic Staff's mechanics have been changed, spawning the eyes depending on your world's evil biome. There's of course, a small cross-content expansion of the idea, featuring a Spawner for all 3 eyes, and an Optic Staff for all three.

", Matt was ready to fight The Twins, the two legendary beasts which are known to never separate, always haunting towns and villages with their presence. With his trusty Golden Shower, a magical tome capable of summoning a damaging stream of ichor which is the quintessence of Crimson, he was waiting for the night to fall. The time was approaching and Matt was having second thoughts about the fight. Matt becomes unsure, and would have been conquered with fear had it not been for Gilbert the Merchant to remind him of the profits of the fight. So he decides to summon them. He's quickly surprised to see an eye with a green iris which shoots green flames. "WOAH!", he said before drawing his Golden Shower, "Look at that weird thing..."". Let's pause the story right here.

Matt has a Crimson World, and Spazmatism is Corruption themed. This doesn't make sense! Shouldn't the game have a Crimson-themed Spazmatism? With every update, the game gets a facelift in certain areas, including Crimson, such as the crimson seeds which weren't included in the final 1.2 update. These two evil biomes are not supposed to be the same, but they are closely alike. They can't be on the same world naturally unless the player interferes. So, Corruption shouldn't interfere in Crimson worlds like that, and the Crimson not being able to do so.
This is a suggestion to change that, via adding an alternative to Spazmatism, that will spawn in Crimson only worlds. Sclerepugnant will be a counterpart to Spazmatism, with different movement, attack patterns, drops and design.

Main Part of the Idea:
According to the wiki:
  • Retinazer's name is a portmanteau of retina, a part of the eye, and laser.
  • Spazmatism's name is a portmanteau of astigmatism, an eye disorder, and spasm, meaning to twitch uncontrollably.
  • Sclerepugnant's name is a portmanteau of sclera, a part of the eye and repugnant which means disgusting.
You can suggest a better name if you want, but it must be compatible to the criteria. (a part of the eye + any word, preferably something disgusting?)

Mechanical Eye

  • The Mechanical Eye now alters the The Twins depending on your World's Evil Biome. Corruption worlds only allow Spazmatism and Crimson worlds only allow Sclerepugnant. Retinazer spawns no matter what. The spawner has the same drop chances from enemies.
The Optic Staff
(Minion Sclerepugnant Sprite:
  • The Optic Staff now summons minions which depend on the evil biome of the World. This means that, no matter what, you can't summon a Sclerepugnant minion in Corruption worlds and obviously a Spazmatism minion in Corruption worlds with the Optic Staff.
  • However @Kefke has another idea on this:
    My main hangup on this idea is in the change to the Optic Staff. Everything else, regardless of what world it's from, can be ported over to a world of the other variety. For instance, the Golden Shower doesn't just stop working or change to a Cursed Flames in Corruption worlds, not vice versa. So, to me, it would make more sense to have two staves, and change the recipes to decide which you can get in a world. Since the main difference is their element attack, that could be the deciding factor.

    So, the current recipe plus Cursed Flames gives you the Optic Staff, summoning Spazmatizm.
    However, the current recipe plus Ichor gives you the Ocular Staff, which summons Sclerepugnant.
Sclerepugnant trophy
10% (Inventory, placed)

  • If you fight Spazmatism and Retinazer you get the Cursed Twins Mask: 14.29%
  • If you fight Sclerepugnant and Retinazer you get the Bloody Twins Mask: 14.29%
and on Expert Mode:
  • Twins Bag (aka Spazmatism Bag):
  • Twins Bag (aka Sclerepugnant Bag):

Boss Showcase:

Fight Tactics:

1st Form: He hovers above where Spazmatism would normally be, shooting Ichor streams at the player. He shoots five of them in Normal Mode and six in Expert Mode . They deal about 35 damage each(65 damage each in Expert Mode) and inflict Ichor for 10 seconds(20 seconds in Expert Mode). He is less strict about where he is in relationship to the player while shooting these streams of Ichor. He follows this up with medium distance charges that deal about 50 damage(80 damage in Expert Mode).
2nd Form: He moves towards the player shooting a stream of Ichor that has frequent breaks in it. This one is unaffected by gravity. This deals about 55 damage(95 in Expert Mode) and inflicts Ichor for 12 seconds(24 seconds). He follows this up with fast long distance charges that deal 70 damage(120 in Expert Mode).

Community Fight Tactics:
Sclerepugnant should be able to shoot a small stream of ichor, and Spazmatism should be able to shoot a small cursed fireball/cursed flamethrower
For the vision staff, when one of them is charging, the other one will be using the ichor/cursed flame attack (The bosses could also do this when spawned at the same time)

Sclerepugant shoots ichor (effected by gravity) in the first phase.
In the second, he shoots a concentrated ichor beam for 3 seconds at a time, then would charge after every two shots.

I do support this, but Sclerepugnants Phase 2 requires a bit overwork.

Maybe a more Electrified theme? Fleshy Robot doesnt make much sense next to a LazerBot.

Ichor bolts looks too much spazmatism type of attack, I would rather have scelerepugnant current projectile since it's more unique. Though maybe making the ichor shower unaffected by gravity would be nicer, since scelerepugnet is a machine and it's expected to a machine to shoot stuff harder than other creatures.

Community Name suggestions:

Another name suggestion: Conjunctichor
Named after the conjunctiva (a lining covering the eye) and ichor. I don't know if this is any good, but I just noticed how clear the two words are and figured I might as well suggest it.
How about this:
Spoutemorrage - a portmanteau of Spout, meaning to eject liquid, and Hemorrhage, an eye disorder consisting of a blood vessel in the eye bursting, resulting in a small, dark patch on the sclera caused by the blood from said vessel.
I've got a name idea!

Conjunctiva + Vile = Conjunctivile?
It's got an odd ring to it, but I like it.
Bleeding in the eye: Hyphema
Matic: Sounds like magic and lunatic

CROSS-CONTENT EXPANSION: ("Bringing the Corruption and the Crimson together!")
The main idea is to add Sclerepugnant, a Mask, a Trophy, and an Expert Mode Bag Variation. The idea could be expanded to include cross-content between Corruption and Crimson if the player interferes by crafting the following Spawner; which requires Cursed Flames and Ichor.
NOTE: This is a fun part of the idea, an 'expansion' to the main one (only Sclerepugant) encouraging players to connect the biomes. Depending on your style of play, you either acquire or ignore these items. I am not really supporting this part as it makes the Twins have more meaning than the other Mechanical Bosses.
"The Vision"
(by @MiningdiamondsVIII ) or alternate Sprites:
(by @GekkoTadpole247 )
"The Vision" summons all three eyes at once, despite of your world's evil biome. All the eyes have their normal stats without any new fight techniques or buffs. This spawner cannot be dropped by any type of enemy and must be crafted. The recipe is as follows. The ichor and cursed flame requirement exists because of normal gameplay limitation reasons, as both materials cannot be gathered in one world with a specific evil biome.
  • 1 Mechanical Eye
  • 5 Cursed Flame
  • 5 Ichor
  • 6 Souls of Light
  • @ Mythril Anvil/Orichalcum Anvil

Fight Drops:
In this section there are also comparisons between the normal Twins fight drops and the "The Vision" fight drops. The numbers colored in brownish orange are expert mode related.
  • Souls of Sight
    increase from 20-40/25-40 to 30-50/35-55 (+10 minimum)
  • Hallowed Bars
    increase from 15-30/20-35 to 25-40/30-45 (+10 minumum)
  • Greater Healing Potions
    increase from 5-15 to 10-20 (+5 minimum)
  • Chance for the Triplets Mask to be dropped
    . (14.29%)
  • Expert Mode Bag
    Other than containing all of the drops above in expert mode, it also includes "The Seer"
    staff, with a chance of 100%. The Seer Staff spawns all three minion eyes, despite the World's Evil Biome. The base damage of the Staff in comparison with the Optic Staff has been lowered from 30 to 23 because of the mechanics of the weapon. Tooltip: (Summons a Sclerepugnant, Spazmatism and Retinazer to fight for you!
Achievement Information:
Here's how some achievements will be affected.
Buckets of Bolts: Defeat the three nocturnal mechanical menaces: the Twins, the Destroyer and Skeletron Prime. Any of the two spawners count.
Mecha Mayhem: Do battle against the Twins, the Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime simultaneously and emerge victorious. Any of the spawners count.
Slayer of Worlds: Defeat every boss in Terraria. "The Vision" isn't really supported by the main idea, but I'd prefer if it was included in this achievement.

Special Thanks:
@Sergo: Made the Expert Mode Bags, "The Seer", the Sclerepugnant Minion, the Trophy, and the Boss. ("almost everything").@MiningdiamondsVIII: Made 2 versions of "The Vision" sprite.
@SnailsAttack: featured Sclerepugnant on his improved Twins sprited thread. Link: New Twins Sprites
@GekkoTadpole247 : Alternate, more up-to-date "The Vision" Sprites.

Fight Tactics:
@Zenvonicality: for submitting fight tactics.
@yugiohhero: for submitting fight tactics..
@TerrorPenguin: for submitting fight tactics, and an idea variation.

@NyctoDarkMatter: for suggesting "The Seer" to be the Expert mode item for "The Vision"(aka Triplets) fight.
@Shadow of the Blacksmith: for suggesting to overhaul the mod with less items and better mechanics.
@ThomasC :for suggesting a way better version of fight Tactics. (Currently used)

@Ninja Army : Made the First and Second forms of Retinazer and Sclerepugnant in lego. Link to the post (in this discussion): Sclerepugnant - Crimson themed Spazmatism for Crimson Worlds!

So, to sum it all up, I really think that this should be added. Even though the Twins have a Mario Bros theme and have been the same since the Hardmode update in Terraria, I do believe that it is time to change. About the Cross-Content expansion, I'm not really keen on it being an important part of the game, but I added it for fun. If you are really ready to write a comment/reply, consider the main part more. So, after all the work I redid, as suggested, the idea is much simpler to put your eye to.
Did you get that pun? No? Ok. -Wizard.
Thanks for checking out Sclerepugnant :D

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I say that alll the complicated stuff with the twins staff and the summoners can be tossed.
also, have a :red:ty name I thought of just now
(cataract and attack :red:tiest portmanteau I have ever made)
The complicated stuff are kind of required; We don't need Spazmatism-only stuff; and I had to do something to balance this out.
Also, what's his Expert Item?
Spazmatism and Retinazer drop a part of the mechanical cart, so I guess that's the same.
EDIT: I hid the spoiler to prevent people to know that it's the same. I looked through the wiki and learnt it by myself, therefore spoiled it to me, but that's okay.
sounds like a good idea but would need to make that ichor not too hard to dodge because it means retinazer would also hit harder thanks to it, that and the cursed flames from spazmatism are really easy to dodge
I have some ideas for the staffs, you can use them if you want :p

Sclerepugnant should be able to shoot a small stream of ichor, and Spazmatism should be able to shoot a small cursed fireball/cursed flamethrower
For the vision staff, when one of them is charging, the other one will be using the ichor/cursed flame attack (The bosses could also do this when spawned at the same time)

Also, what would happen if you used all three spawners at once? Would it spawn all the bosses multiple times, or would it only spawn one of each?
Tell me.
Guys, post if you have any ideas! When I find my free time, I will rework the Fight Tactics, as promised.
I have some ideas for the staffs, you can use them if you want :p

Sclerepugnant should be able to shoot a small stream of ichor, and Spazmatism should be able to shoot a small cursed fireball/cursed flamethrower
For the vision staff, when one of them is charging, the other one will be using the ichor/cursed flame attack (The bosses could also do this when spawned at the same time)

Also, what would happen if you used all three spawners at once? Would it spawn all the bosses multiple times, or would it only spawn one of each?
I already posted my ideas :p
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