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Sclerepugnant - Crimson themed Spazmatism for Crimson Worlds!

Is this a Good Suggestion?

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Ninja Army

You only need this:

I tried that and Now my signature won't show up at all.
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Awesome! Just one thing. What part of the eye is sclerepugant from?
(Spasmatizm being eye spasms and retinazer being retina.)

Sclerepugnant's name is a portmanteau of sclera, a part of the eye and repugnant which means disgusting.

I tried that and Now my signature won't show up at all.

It does for me.

Ninja Army

I really hope this makes it into mobile terraria by the time mobile 1.3 rolls around. PC people will probably wait for 1.4 to come out to experience this. I don't use PC. I'm a mobile person.


It was hard just finding enough white pieces for the eyes. Finding enough to make it look mechanical would've been Impossible.
I believe what he was saying was
"I support this thread, but sclerepugnant needs to look mechanic, he looks fleshy instead."

I do not believe he was referring to the lego. Good job, though!
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