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Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Tunnel King, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This section is for reporting bugs and glitches in the OFFICIAL PC version of Terraria. Bugs encountered with any modded versions should be reported on the appropriate mod thread in <
    Player-Created Game Enhancements>.

    Questions about problems running the game (crashing, not starting, hardware) belong in the <PC Technical Support> section.
    Questions about game play belong in the <PC In-Game Support> sections.
    Issues about the forum itself belong in the <Forum Help & Feedback> section.

    If you see a thread that has obviously been put in the wrong place, please report it and the staff will move it.

    All <Forum rules> apply to these sections. In addition to the Forum rules, please observe the following:

    • PLEASE use the Search feature of the Forum to see if the bug/glitch has been reported before.
    • PLEASE try to repeat the behavior and detail your steps so that others can attempt to verify the bug/glitch.
    • PLEASE be as specific as possible with the issue you are reporting. Any details, such as error messages, crash logs, on-screen behaviors are important to diagnosing your problem. Where appropriate, a screenshot can be very useful to illustrate your issue. Anything you have done to try to resolve the issue yourself is also very useful.
    • PLEASE use the best grammar and punctuation that you can. If English is not your best language, let us know and do the best that you can. 'Chat-speak' is discouraged; if you can't take the time to write out your question clearly, why should anyone take the time to help you?
    • PLEASE be respectful to those who try to help you with your issue. No one on the forum is paid to provide support; we're all fans of the game like you. Very few of us are professional tech support people in real life.
    • NEVER report bugs/glitches found in cracked or pirated versions of Terraria.
    • Please do not rage-post or ask for your money back. Refer to the place/site where you purchased the game to request refunds.
    • THANK YOU for helping the developers and staff make Terraria the best game possible. :D
    • PLEASE be respectful to the original poster, and to others who may have responded before you. Be especially tolerant of those who obviously struggle with English.
    • PLEASE read the question carefully. If more information is needed from the OP, request it politely.
    • PLEASE read other responses before posting yours. Alternate solutions are welcome, but parroting a solution that has already been posted is not especially helpful.
    • PLEASE do not post to say, "I don't know," or to simply engage in a technique war with other responders. These are not helpful to the OP.
    • PLEASE check the date of the last post in the thread before posting; if it's been three months, the issue has likely been solved or forgotten.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.