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PC Selling lots of stuff all in the Description!


I use the world trade method because I cannot access the internet with steam on my computer, due to a proxy required by my mobile hotspot.
Please tell me if any item in this list becomes available.
Moon Charm (the werewolf one)
Hornet Mount
Crimson Key Mould
Frost Key Mould
Sounds great.
All your ectoplasm please.
Just add me on steam and we will do the trade ^^


*UPDATE* Now selling Wisp in a Bottle, Flying Carpet, Spectre Staff, AND Lifeform Anazlyzer! All prices above.


Do you have the rod of discord, weather radio, fishermans pocket guide, lucky coin. If so can you tell me the price.


*UPDATE* Sorry all as I've been busy waiting for my Tshock update, and after I updated it to, my internet cord to my other computer had decided to give out. Ontop of that my chetss began to not work so I had to downgrade back my world file and upgrade it back. I am now back though! Just add me on steam with a comment. All items above are still available! Another quick update! I've also made a trading group on steam, if interested in joining click here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TerrariaTradeCo
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Skeletron Prime
1 Legendary Enchanted Sword (40g)
Legendary Beam Sword (2 plat extremely rare drop + Enchant)

Mounts / Pets
1 Hardy Saddle (50g)
5 Blessed Apple's (1 platinum)

Money Trough's for sale (SOLD OUT)
*NEW* Wisp in a Bottle (30 plat)
Paladin's Shield (30g each, it has 1% increase to damage)
2 Nazar's (1 plat each)
*SOLD* Ankh Shield (30 plat or make me a reasonable offer!)
*NEW* Lifeform Anazlyzer (75g)

2 Broken Hero Sword's (10g each)
200+ Ectoplasm (5g each / 4 plat for all)

Armor (Dev Set's)

Biome Keys
Hallowed Key (10 plat)

Boss Summoners
*SOLD* Truffle Worms (75 gold each)

You may also offer me. I do accept items in I like them! I also do bulk deals ^_^

Please add me on steam, And leave a comment on my profile so I know your trading for Terraria! ^_^ I also play hard core a lot and enjoy farming for items, need something specific? Let me know on my steam profile and give me a price.
Isn't that all a little overpriced?
[DOUBLEPOST=1437575202,1437575138][/DOUBLEPOST]I mean most of that stuff can be found or farmed in no time


i need a nazar from you
Yep I still got one left
Isn't that all a little overpriced?
[DOUBLEPOST=1437575202,1437575138][/DOUBLEPOST]I mean most of that stuff can be found or farmed in no time
Not to me no, I count my effort and time it takes ^_^ We are all entitled to our own opinions though.
[DOUBLEPOST=1437622421][/DOUBLEPOST]*UPDATE* Now Selling Murderous Meowmere, & Will's Dev Set!
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