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PC Selling Rod of Discord

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by Laluzi, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Laluzi

    Laluzi Skeletron

    Went to farm one and got two, so I've got a spare for sale.

    There are multiple items I'm seeking to purchase in high quantities, and I'd be willing to work out a deal for some combination of the below items.

    -Adamantite ore or beams
    -Titanium ore or blocks
    -Luminite ore or bars
    -Stardust Fragments (lower priority)
    -Vortex Fragments (lowest priority)
    -SWAT Helmets
    -Ancient Cobalt Breastplates
    -Ancient Cobalt Leggings...es
    -Eater of Worlds masks
    -Wall of Flesh masks
    -Moon Lord masks
    -Betsy masks

    I'd also take a Bone Key, heh.

    I'm not interested in coin payments. I have so much money I could fill my houses floor-to-ceiling with piles of platinum coins.
    I don't want hacked/all-item-world items. It's a principle thing.

    One special thing I would trade the rod for would 30 minutes or so of access to a world that's currently set to the Halloween event. Said world would need to be post-Plantera and have access to the Cyborg, but that's the only specification I care about. I'm aware of how to do this on my own, but I don't like messing with my computer's date/time. But yeah, in that case, I'd just want to buy a ton of costumes and farm some goodie bags.

    Steam name's the same as here, so post here or add me if you're interested and want to work something out.
  2. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    I don't have a need for the rod of discord (got too many of them as it is), but I don't mind hosting a Halloween world for a bit.
    Easy to do with TShock, no need to change your system's time/date. :)

    Edit: Okay, apparently you can half-force Halloween, because NPCs sure aren't selling their outfits and nothing is dropping any presents. So much for TShock.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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  3. Laluzi

    Laluzi Skeletron

    Oh well - I really appreciate that you tried! Interesting that it works partway, though; I would have expected an all-or-nothing deal.