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Master Geass

The sentry gun would be a caftable trap. It would be similar to the cannon only you can fire it with wire. It would count as a furniture item and you can adjust the angle. Unlike the cannon you could put it not only on the floor but the ceiling as well. Be careful because as with the other traps it can hurt you.

The gun will fire when it revives a pulse. They could be wired to presser plates or timers. Depending on which sentry gun it is it will fire one shot or a few. I don't want them to get too powerful to avoid boss farming. The attack power of the sentry gun should be lower then the guns you can get at the time. Further more there should be a limit to how many sentries you can have wired to a single switch. I am also willing to have them require special ammo.

In order to use the sentry gun it will need ammo. I considered giving the sentry gun an inventory. However I think it would be better if it needed to be attached to another storage item. Ether with wire or some kind tubes that could be added in 1.3.1. The Ammo Feed would have 1-4 slots you could only put ammunition in. The first Ammo Feed you get could only have one slot but as you go later into the game you can get larger ones. When the gun fires it will use the first stack just like when you fire normally.

The Sentry Mount would be an optional component. After placing it down on ether the floor or the ceiling you can attach the sentry gun. There would be 2 nodes, 1 on of ether side of the mount. This is to allow the angle to be adjusted with wires. With some bird switches you could program it to change angles when a mob steps on a presser plate, or when you flick a switch. It would be crafted with iron/lead bars and cogs.

The Screwdriver is a tool sold by the Mechanic. It would be used to change the angle of the sentry gun. This is for pvp maps to help keep other players from changing the angle. It is also to try and balance it a little. A Sonic Screwdriver could also work.

The different sentries, stats, and recipes to come later.
Snowball cannon.

Good suggestion though,

My idea is how it would work in tf2. But it can only focus on one direction, and requires it's ammo to be re-filled.
I was thinking of the TF2 Sentry when picturing how some of them would look in my head. I am still working on the different types of guns but so far I have come up with a team sentry, and mini shark sentry, and a portal sentry. The team sentry won't hit members of the same time, but is the weakest of the sentries. The portal sentry fires a portal bolt and doesn't need ammo, but I am still working out how to pick what color portal it fires.
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