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PC SeriousAmaro Mini-Mods


Official Terrarian
Welcome to SeriousAmaro Mini-Mods ideas!

Recruiting campaign! Do you like spriting? What about coding? Interested in making my suggestions for the game a fully-fledged mod(s)? Good for you, 'cause I'm assembling a team for it, be sure to contact me!

Here you'll find different, labeled ideas the aim at balancing the game with minimal changes, as well as occasional mid-size implementation to the game. Please note that these are just suggestions for the moment, as I'm still learning spriting and coding. I'll just be here in the meantime, waiting for your feedback!

I'm not a spriter, I'm trying my best with them. Some of them are just temporary, missing ones will be posted when ready.

Color coding:
  • Green = buff;
  • Red = nerf;
  • Blue = new addition;
  • Yellow = rework/modification/sidegrade.

Pre-Hardmode support
  • [sprite coming soon!] New Weapon: Lash (crafted with Any Wood x15 + Cobweb x15 -- 8 damage; 0,5 knockback; 30 use time; 10 tiles range);
  • Pirate Staff rework: it deals 1/4 of damage and won't drop during the Pirate Invasion but it's found in Water Chests instead (it's now orange rarity, down from pink);
  • Whip range bonus from the Obsidian Armor set is reduced to 35% (down from 50%)*.
*due to the new modifiers [*coming soon!] and the new accessory you'll see in the next section, that 50% won't be the only range modifier for whips anymore, and it was way too big regardless

Definitive Summoner accessory
  • Pygmy Necklace is now a material;
  • Necromatic Scroll* now have +1 Sentry capacity instead of +1 Minion capacity;
  • [sprite coming soon!] New Accessory, material: Beetle Necklace (crafted with Hercules Beetle + Pygmy Necklace: combines their effects);
  • Papyrus Scarab**, material: (crafted with Beetle Necklace + Necromantic Scroll: combines their effects);
  • [sprite coming soon!] New Accessory, material: Shadowflame Bracelet (+20% whip speed and range. dropped by Goblin Summoner);
  • Shamanic_Drum.png New Accessory: Shamanic Drum*** (crafted with Voodoo Skull + Papyrus Scarab: combines their effects).

*This change was made to make the item different from Pygmy Necklace
**Since Pygmy Necklace is so easy to acquire now, this item basically has an extra sentry on top of its original effect
***In summary, the official effects of Shamanic Drum are "+1 Minion and Sentry capacity, +10% Summon damage, +2 Minion Knockback, +20% whip speed and range"

Other Changes
  • Old One's Army armors rework: they now each represents one class + sentries support (Monk and Shinobi Infiltrator are pure Summoner armors now);
  • Post-Plantera Summoner Armor sets have extra sentries capacity;
  • Summoner armor defense value significantly increased; now on par (at times better) than Ranger armors;
  • Every mention of minion damage will now be corrected to summon damage; all mentions to melee speed and auto swing for melee weapons will now correctly mention whips as well;
  • Strictly Melee armors sets do not provide whip bonuses anymore (therefore, their tooltip will now be updated);
  • Pygmy Staff, Durendal, Dark Harvest, Staff of the Frost Hydra, and Lunar Portal Staff received some buffs;
  • The Obsidian armor set is now blue rarity (up from white); Pygmy Necklace is now green rarity (down from lime);
  • All Goblin Summoner drops now have a 12,5% to drop instead of 16,7% (as a result of adding a new Goblin Summoner drop).

I want to thanks Re-Logic for adapting some of my suggestions (that I have now removed from the post), including pre-Hardmode Pygmy Necklace, Obsidian armor set rework, flasks working of whips, and the various buff to some minions. If they did not get inspired by this specific post, then I'll still be very satisfied that some of my ideas were close to the Dev's ideas.

With 1.4, many balance issues with Summoners were fixed, except for the inconsistent modifiers and rarities, lack of defense for this low DPS class, and a starter weapon that doesn't rely on RNG. There are also many inconsistencies with the Dungeons Defenders 2 content*, including sentries being underpowered without their dedicated armor and accessories, and many instances where the tooltip doesn't mention effects correctly.

*We currently have two melee/summon armor sets, a ranger/summon and a magic/summon. My goal is to make four armors unique to all four classes + sentry support. This means removing summon damage from all of them except for Monk and Shinobi Infiltrator, which only received a small nerf in that regard but also trade the unreasonably high defense of the warrior class armor set with extra Minion capacity.

This a list of changes to some weapons:
NameStat changesOther changesReason
Pirate Staff10 damage (down from 40)found in Water Chests (introducing the concept of pirates early on)currently too weak and rare for the progression;
it could help early progression when waiting for Blood Moons;
since there aren't many summon weapons, everyone should count.
Pygmy Staff43 damage (up from 34)every hit applies Venom (before the change, every hit had 33% chance to apply venom and 66% chance to apply poison)currently too weak for the progression;
since there aren't many summon weapons, everyone should count.
Lash (new weapon!)8 damage
0,5 knockback
30 use time
10 tiles range
gives a starting weapon for the class that doesn't rely on RNG like the Finch Staff
Durendal62 damage (up from 55)(since Durendal grants attack speed, the damage buff adds up a lot, making the weapon dish out more damage than the Cool Whip)currently not an upgrade over Cool Whip, which inflicts more damage through frostburn and the snowflake;
Dark Harvest112 damage (up from 100)closes the gap between this weapon and Kaleidoscope (Morning Star is more of a novelty since it's too slow)
Staff of the Frost Hydra130 damage (up from 100)doesn't deal that much damage compared to how slow it shoots;
Sentries need more support
Lunar Portal Staff70 damage (up from 50)too unimpressive and weak to be a Moon Lord drop
Sentries need more support

This table lists all specific changes regarding armor sets:

ArmorTotal DefenseEffectHow to Obtain it
Flinx Fur Coat1+1 Minion capacity
+5% summon damage
Silk x10
Flinx Fur x8
Gold/Platinum Bar x8
Obsidian armor15+1 Minion capacity
+31% summon damage
+ 35% Whip range (down from 50%)
+ 35% Whip speed
Obsidian x60
Silk x30
Shadow Scale/Tissue Sample x20
Bee armor5+7+6 = 18

(up from
4+5+4 = 13)
+ 2 Minion capacity
+ 23% summon damage
Bee Wax x30
Spider armor20+ 3 Minion capacity
+ 28% summon damage
Spider Fang x36
Forbidden armor8+13+9 = 30

(up from
6+12+8 = 26)
+ 2 Minion capacity
+ 15% summon damage
+ 80 mana
+ 15% magic damage
+ forbidden sign
Adamantite/Titanium Bar x46
Forbidden Fragment x3
(Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil)
Monk armor8+16+10 = 34

(down from
8+22+16 = 46)
+ 2 Sentry capacity
+ 2 Minion capacity (shirt +1; pants +1)
+ 20% summon damage (down from 30%)
+ 20% melee and whip speed
+ 20% movement speed
+ enhanced lightning aura
+ 20% melee damage
+ 10 melee crit. chance

(Squire, Huntress, Apprentice armor)
+ 30% summon damage
Defender Medal x75
(sold by Tavernkeep, post-Mech boss)
Hallowed armor (hood)10+15+11 = 36

(up from
1+15+11 = 27)
+ 3 Minion capacity
+ 10% summon damage
+ 7% damage
+ 7% crit. chance
+ 8% movement speed
+ holy protection
Hallowed Bar x54
(Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil)
Tiki armor10+20+15 = 45

(up from
6+17+12 = 35)
+ 4 Minion capacity
+ 1 Sentry capacity (shirt +1)
+ 30% summon damage
Platinum Coin x1,5
(sold by Witch Doctor, post-Plantera)
Spooky armor12+15+13 = 40

(up from
6+17+12 = 35)
+ 4 Minion capacity
+1 Sentry capacity (breastplate +1)
+ 58% summon damage
+ 20% movement speed
Spooky Wood x750
(Work Bench)
Shinobi Infiltrator armor11+20+15 = 46

(down from
10+26+18 = 54)
+ 3 Sentry capacity
+ 3 Minion capacity (each piece +1)
+ 60% summon damage
+ 20% movement speed
+ 20% melee and whip speed
+ enhanced lightning aura
+ 20% melee damage
+ 20% melee crit. chance

(Valhalla Knight, Red Riding, Dark Arts armor)
+ 60% minion damage
Defender Medal x225
(Sold by Tavernkeep, post-Golem)
Stardust armor12+24+18 = 54

(up from
10+16+12 = 30)
+ 5 Minion capacity
+ 2 Sentry capacity (plate and leggings +1)
+ 66% summon damage
+ stardust guardian
Stardust Fragment x45
Luminite Bar x36
(Ancient Manipulator)

With 1.4, flasks have the corrected tooltip, including whips. I have still no idea why other items did not receive the same treatment.
All items that receive new tooltips/updated text:

- from minion damage to summon damage:
Flinx Fur Coat
Obsidian armor set
Bee armor set
Spider armor set
Forbidden armor set
Monk armor set
Hallowed armor set (with the Summoner helmet)
Tiki armor set
Spooky armor set
Shinobi Infiltrator armor set
Stardust armor set

- Armor sets that loses any summon damage bonuses:
Apprentice armor set
Squire armor set
Huntress armor set
Valhalla Knight armor set
Red Riding Hood armor set
Dark Artist armor set

- adding "whips" when mentioning melee speed buffs (these items currently affect whips, but do not mention them):
Shadow armor set -- including ancient variant
Hardmode ores armor sets, including Hallowed (with the Warrior helmet)
Moon Charm
Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Celestial Stone
Celestial Shell

- adding "whips" when mentioning auto swing for melee weapons (these items currently affect whips, but do not mention them):
Feral Claws
Power Glove
Berserker's Glove
Mechanical Glove
Fire Gauntlet

- Melee armor sets that will no longer provide whip bonuses (and their tooltip will be untouched since they don't mention them):
Cobalt armor set (with the Warrior helmet)
Palladium armor set (with the Warrior helmet)
Orichalcum armor set (with the Warrior helmet)
Adamantite armor set (with the Warrior helmet)
Hallowed armor set (with the Warrior helmet)
Solar armor set
Boots rework
  • Ice Skates are now a vanity item that can be found in Christmas presents (swapped with Hand Warmer);
  • Flurry Boots now allows the wearer to run even faster on ice (like Ice Skates, but it will still break thin ice);
  • Sailfish Boots now allows the wearer to run even faster on water (if able) and inside the water;
  • Flurry Boots, Sailfish Boots, and Dunerider Boots won't combine anymore with Rocket Boots to make Spectre Boots;
  • Frostspark Boots rework: (Flurry + Sailfish + Dunerider Boots) allows running, it's faster on ice, water, and sand, ice will not break when you fall on it.

Ankh Charm tweaks
  • Hand Warmer is now found in Frozen Chests (swapped with Ice Skates);
  • Heated_Sash.png New Accessory, material: Heated Sash (crafted with Hand Warmer + Blindfold: combines their effects);
  • Heated Sash replaces Blindfold in the Ankh Charm recipe;
  • Ankh Charm now gains the effects of the Hand Warmer on top of other immunities.

Ultimate Magnet
  • Restoration_Magnet2.png New Accessory, material: Restoration Magnet (crafted with Celestial Magnet + Heartreach Potion; increases pickup range for hearts and mana stars);
  • Crystal_Necklace.png New Accessory, material: Crystal Necklace (dropped from Hallowed Mimics; hearts and mana stars restore 25 health/mana instead of 20);
  • Galaxys_Eye.png New Accessory, material: Galaxy's Eye (crafted with Restoration Magnet + Crystal Necklace: combines their effects);
  • Gold_Detector.png New Accessory, material: Gold Detector (crafted with Treasure Magnet + Coin Ring; combines their effects);
  • Spyhon_Ring.png New Accessory: Syphon Ring (crafted with Galaxy's Eye + Gold Detector; combines their effects).

  • Tabi rework: dropped from pre-hardmode Dungeon monsters and the dash will be on par with Shield of Chthulu (this doesn't change Master Ninja Gear);
  • Treasure Magnet tooltip now correctly says "Draws items towards you";
  • All Hallowed Mimic drops are now 20% (down from 25%).

- Heated_Sash.pngHeated Sash, material (Blindfold.png + Hand_Warmer.pngat a Tinkerer's Workshop)
"provides immunity to darkness, chill, and freezing effects."

- Restoration_Magnet2.png Restoration Magnet, material (Celestial_Magnet.png + Heartreach_Potion.png at a Tinkerer's Workshop)
"increases pickup range for mana stars and hearts."

- Crystal_Necklace.png Crystal Necklace, material (20% drop from Hallowed Mimics)
"hearts and mana stars grant 25% more health and mana."

- Galaxys_Eye.png Galaxy's Eye, material ( Restoration_Magnet2.png+ Crystal_Necklace.png at a Tinkerer's Workshop)
"increases pickup range and efficiency of mana stars and hearts."

- Gold_Detector.png Gold Detector, material ( Treasure_Magnet.png + Coin_Ring.png at a Tinkerer's Workshop)
"increases coin pickup range, hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins and draws items toward you."

- Spyhon_Ring.png Syphon Ring ( Galaxys_Eye.png + Gold_Detector.png at a Tinkerer's Workshop)
"increases pickup range of hearts, mana stars, and coins. increases the efficiency of hearts and mana stars, and hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins. Draws items toward you."

- All Hallowed Mimics drop now have a 20% to drop instead of 25%; this will keep the current 100% chance to drop an item, but it's randomized accordingly, like Corruption and Crimson Mimics;

- Tabi is now Green rarity instead of Lime.

Thanks to Bry-ccentric for the Everlasting Torch and Crystal Necklace accessory idea! Check his own version, link to his post down in the Special Thanks section.

Some thoughts:

- Ice_Skates.png and Hand_Warmer.png swapped places and got a little bit of work: Ice Skates loses its effect and becomes just vanity while Hard Warmer is included in the Ankh Charm item;

- Flurry_Boots.png, Sailfish_Boots.png, and Dunerider_Boots.png now read "The wearer can run super fast, and even faster on ice/water/sand" They combine into Frostspark_Boots.png "The wearer can run super fast, and even faster on ice, water, and sand. Ice will not break when you fall on it"

- New progression for Terraspark Boots:

Hermes_Boots.png + Rocket_Boots.png = Spectre_Boots.png;
Spectre_Boots.png + Aglet.png + Anklet_of_the_Wind.png = Lightning_Boots.png;
Lightning_Boots.png + Lava_Waders.png = Terraspark_Boots.png

This means that Frostspark Boots are not required anymore to make Terraspark (you don't need Ice Skates anymore but you'll need specifically Hermes Boots)

- Ankh_Charm.png and Ankh_Shield.png now gives immunity to chilled and freeze effects.

The_Plan.png + Medicated_Bandage.png + Armor_Bracing.png + Countercurse_Mantra.png + Heated_Sash.png = Ankh_Charm.png

- Tabi.png dash is nerfed to be on par with Shield of Chthulu, but it will be found pre-hardmode. It's a sidegrade from it since it won't deal damage but that's a positive thing if you don't want to bounce off enemies. It's a very well needed item for all non-Expert/Master mode!

- The Syphon Ring is a good defensive item that also makes farming and building a little bit easier. It's not something that's necessary to the game in terms of balance, but for that, I'm creating separate mods (like Summoner Balance)

  • Gold critters research cost is now 1 (down from 3)
  • Food and drink potions research cost is now 5 (down from 10)
  • Crates research cost is now 5 (down from 10)
  • All Mosses research cost is now 10 (down from 25)
  • The decorative fishing rewards will be much more common.
  • The Traveling Merchant will sell all five Christmas paintings every time he spawns during Christmas

Bestiary and Banners

  • Depending on the star rarity system, information of rarer monster require fewer kills to appear
  • Depending on the star rarity system, rarer monsters will require fewer kills to drop a banner
  • Old One's Army, Pumpkin Moon, and Frost Moon invasions banners will require double the number of kills than the number required for all the other monsters
  • Old One's Army banners now provide buffs against the respective monsters
  • Fixed some banners inconsistency
  • Martian Saucer and the four Pillars are no longer present in the boss tab

Name and PortraitStatsItem drop listItem drop rates AND banner drop
1-star monsters
1 kill​
10 kills25 kills50 kills
2-stars monsters
1 kill​
10 kills20 kills (down from 25)40 kills (down from 50)
3-stars monsters
1 kill10 kills15 kills (down from 25)30 kills (down from 25)
4-stars monsters
1 kill4 kills (down from 10)10 kills (down from 25)20 kills (down from 25)
5-stars monsters
1 kill2 kills (down from 10)5 kills (down from 25)10 kills (down from 25)
bosses (main, event)
1 kill1 kill1 kill1 kill (no banner)

Enemies from the Old One's Army, Pumpkin Moon, and Frost Moon invasions will require double of each value to fill in an entry/drop a banner, except the name and portrait (always locked at 1 kill). For example, Headless Horseman is 3-stars: 1 kill unlocks name and portrait, 20 kills to unlock stats, 30 for the item drop list, and 60 for full entry and banner.

- The main goal of this QoL revision is to make banners and bestiary entries less grindy to get. Many people already consider Dreadnautilus as a boss, have you tried to kill 50 of them to get a banner? even in Journey mode, you still have to fish them and it's not a fast process. Medusa, Nymph, The Groom, Enchanted Sword, Sand Elemental, Rainbow Slime, Doctor Bones, Rune Wizard... all these rare monster will drop their banner and will completely fill their bestiary with much less grinding effort.

- If you ever tried to research all items in Terraria, you'll figure out that banners aside, Gold critters are a pain. With the most efficient farming methods, you'll still have to spend hours to get a Gold Grasshopper, Gold Seahorse, or Gold Mouse to spawn. This last one doesn't even spawn near hometowns, so you'll have to fend off thousands of enemies to lower the monsters' cap. Also, the Angler rarely gives you decorative items, and to get all 12 of them you'll need statistically to do around 500-1000 quests.

- Bosses are incorrectly displayed in the bestiary. To make things more coherent, Martian Saucer has to be removed from the boss tab (otherwise, but it's definitely not the best choice, you'd have to add all other event bosses like Mourning Wood, Ogre or Ice Queen as well). The four Celestial Pillars can stay there, but honestly, no one thinks of them as bosses. (BTW, what's a boss? a monster with a health bar that doesn't drop a banner I guess. Technically, Pillars could count, but it's still wonky)

- For some reason, Old One's Army banners do not provide buff. My guess is to make the invasion tougher, but it's not that different from Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon, and their banner does help. Actually, it's more useful there, to help you reach the last wave before the daytime. Invasion banners drop at different rates currently, with Etherian Goblin banner require 1000 kills to get. Since they stack, I don't see why you should have x10 that number of banners, since you would also need a good number of them to cover the entire arena for this event. Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon clog your inventory much faster during the last waves, I don't see it as a problem anytime soon.

- Since I don't want to delete any existing items, this is a way to differentiate banners that are incoherent with all others:
  • Goldfish, Bunny, Penguin, and Bird banner: Critter banners are useless and only those four have one. While keeping the corrupt and vicious variants as they are right now, those four banners will turn decorative and be sold by the Zoologist after 60% Bestiary completion;
  • Old One's Skeleton, Blood Squid, and Small Star Cell banner: They are the only enemies that are summoned by other enemies that drop a banner. For consistency, they'll turn decorative and you can purchase them at the Clothier once you kill your first enemy that summons them (respectively Dark Mage, Dreadnautilus, and Star Cell. This last one is in the game but currently unobtainable);
    Blue/White Cultist Archer, Lunatic Devotee, and White Cultist Caster banner: The blue archer and devotee are the worst banners to farm in this game, requiring 25 endgame runs for a total of a 100 pillars to defeat in order to make them respawn. They could be sold by the Clothier during the days where he sells the Blue tunic vanity set. We would have to rename Lunatic Devotee to Blue Lunatic Devotee and White Cultist Caster to White Lunatic Devotee since their texture is the same; then all the white variants (currently unobtainable) could be sold by the Clothier when he sells the white vanity set. The Blue/White Cultist Fighter banner, Poisonous Spore Banner, and Severed Hand Banner will still be unobtainable.

  • Added Bottomless Honey Bucket
  • Added Honey Absorbent Sponge
  • Added a "shop" option for the Angler, where he sells some of the previously random rewards from completing quests:

ItemAvailabilityBuy PriceSell Price
Life Preserveralways20s4s
Ship's Wheelalways20s4s
Compass Rosealways20s4s
Wall Anchoralways20s4s
Pillagin Me Pixelsalways20s4s
Treasure Mapalways20s4s
Ship in a Bottleafter completing 1 quest1g20s
Seaweed Planterafter completing 1 quest1g20s
Seashell Hairpinafter completing 5 quests1g20s
Mermaid Adornmentafter completing 5 quests1g20s
Mermaid Tailafter completing 5 quests1g20s
Fish Costume Maskafter completing 5 quests1g20s
Fish Costume Shirtafter completing 5 quests1g20s
Fish Costume Finskirtafter completing 5 quests1g20s
Goldfish Trophyafter completing 10 quests50s10s
Bunnyfish Trophyafter completing 10 quests50s10s
Swordfish Trophyafter completing 10 quests50s10s
Sharkteeth Trophyafter completing 10 quests50s10s
Hotline Fishing Hookafter completing 15 quests (hardmode)35g5g
Fin Wingsafter completing 15 quests (hardmode)75g8g (unchanged)
Separately from the other mods, I wanted to bring the 12 weapons from the HeXen game into Terraria, without any other addition. In the future, I'll consider the weapons from the prequel Heretic and the sequel HeXen 2, as well as other items or enemies. For now, I've only established the basics of the weapons and the sprites are quite old and disproportionate.

For those unfamiliar with HeXen, it's a Doom-like game from 1995 that lets you choose between three characters (fighter, cleric, and mage) each with four weapons; the last one has to be combined using three materials. Without further ado...

Fighter (melee weapons)

  • SpikedGauntlet.png Spiked Gauntlet (acts like a shortsword, early game weapon)
  • TimonsAxe.png Timon's Axe (creates a shock upon contact with an enemy for extra damage)
  • HammerOfRetribution.png Hammer of Retribution (throws small projectile upon swinging)
  • Quietus.png Quietus (casts projectile that look like the Poisonous Staff's projectile)
  • QuietusSegment1.png + QuietusSegment2.png + QuietusSegment3.png (the three materials needed to craft Quietus. Will be found somewhere in the Jungle at different game progression)

Cleric (magic and summon weapons)

  • MaceOfContrition.png Mace of Contrition (early game weapons. Undecided if it would work as a sword, flail or whip)
  • SerpentStaff.png Serpent Staff (magic weapons that casts green, poisonous orbs that zig-zag in a straight line. If cast on a close-up enemy, it will drain health)
  • Firestorm.png Firestorm (magic weapons that cast a projectile that combust on impact)
  • Wraithverge.png Wraithverge (summon weapons that calls phantoms to fight for you, similar to the one that appear after killing the Pirate Captain, but less... pirate-like.)
  • WraithvergeSegment1.png + WraithvergeSegment2.png + WraithvergeSegment3.png (the three materials needed to craft Wraithverge. Will be found somewhere in the Dungeon at different game progression)

Mage (magic weapons)

  • SapphireWand.png Daedalon's Wand (originally named Sapphire Wand, I've changed to be more distinct from Sapphire Staff. It acts in a similar way)
  • FrostShard.png Frost Shard (a spell that casts icicle similar to a shotgun. It slows enemies down.)
  • ArcOfDeath.png Arc of Death (quite difficult to describe it. Casts two electric projectiles, one on the ground and the other at a fixed distance from the first one. Enemies caught in between will be electrified.)
  • Bloodscourge.png Bloodscourge (casts three fireballs)
  • BloodscourgeSegment1.png + BloodscourgeSegment2.png + BloodscourgeSegment3.png (the three materials needed to craft Bloodscourge. Will be found somewhere in The Underworld at different game progression)
To do list:
- Summoner balance
- Accessories
- Less grindy collectibles
- HeXen weapons
- Fishing Rewards

- NEXT UP: Modifiers Rework
- More Crimson distinct features
- Laser weapons for Rangers
- More Magic support
- Skeletron overhaul and event balance
- Prefixes and Rarity tiers overhaul
- other Quality of life (updated sprites for armor sets and dungeon entrance changes, craftable obsidian/dungeon furniture...)

- A huge thank you to |.Terrarian.| for giving me permission to use his awesome sprites for the Eater Staff and Crimera Staff;
- Thanks to Bry-ccentric, font of inspiration for some of the accessories. Go check is take on them in his post!
Link: Accessory Rejuvenation and Expansion, by Bry-ccentric

Edit: 14 October 2020 - With the new update, I've seen like a couple of ideas that I suggested were actually implemented in some capacity (Obsidian armor, better whips with flask support, pre-hardmode Pygmy Necklace, new pre-hardmode minion...) so I'm just playing the game now to see if other changes are still necessary or not.


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