PC Server and Cloud Save trouble

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by TheOtterman, May 25, 2019.

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    Hello! I have recently encountered a problem with "TerrariaServer.exe" and "start-server.bat." I was trying to host one of my servers so that people could play on my server while I was going to be away for a few hours, upon them joining my server they found that the world had the same seed, but it did not have any of the progress that we had made the previous day. When I got back I joined the world on Singleplayer and it was fine, it had everything it was supposed to, but everytime I started the server through one of the server launchers it would go back to the same fresh seed. The mini map would even show that the buildings or tunnels were there, until you walked to that point and the mini map would begin to change to what was actually there.

    After awhile I began experimenting with things and realized that the servers were only showing on the server launchers if they were not backed-up by cloud. Also it seems that whenever you back-up something in the cloud it puts whatever you backed-up into the recycle bin, I had noticed that some of my characters and worlds were in the recycle bin so I restored them, but in doing so it had duplicated the world seed or character customization but didn't have any of the progress that had been made on them.

    So I guess the bugs I'm reporting are:
    - Server launcher only shows worlds that are not backed up by the cloud.
    - When you back up your character or world on the cloud, it sends it to the recycle bin.