tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

K, I'll take massssssive prep lol. And I haven't used your mod yet in a vid. I'm gonna record episode 4 tomorrow or the next day. Episode 3 was recorded before u asked me to use your mod so it's not in episode 3 which will come out later today. But here's the link to my channel so you can watch for episode 4 to come out (which will guaranteed have your mod in it):

I think this mod has some potential. Keep it up! (Also if you need a spriter, I might be able to help in my spare time.)

Also what does the update add?
3 new bosses, some new items and bugfixes ;)
First thing I have to say is:
How do you get the magical snow? Because I love yoyos and will definitely be making that yoyo.
The first one I noticed was the flare serpent is just a recolor of the bone serpent. Normally when making a mod you wanna avoid recolors.
Some of the sprites lack a little bit of... depth, I guess you could say. Also some lack shading.

If you want some resprites I could help, but it would have to be on my terms as far as when I resprite them since my yt channel and all takes a lot to keep up with. I could even feature speed-sprites on my yt channel of respriting some of your sprites if you want. Anyway I love this mod, but where's the download? (Maybe i'm just blind.) But my mod browser's broken so I need a direct link, preferably mediafire or dropbox, but anything will do.
magical snow is purchased from the Pandolar trader, theres a item now which spawns him if he decides not to show up, and the Serpent isnt only a recolor, i tweaked it a lot, its becus i like the look of Bone Serpents ^-^
and ill put the mod on here now, cant wait for the lets play! ^-^
Okay sweet! What about me trying some shading respected? I was gonna record rn and I wanna record a spriting vid. But I wanted to ask if you were okay with me trying some respected.
u can try to resprite some stuff, if theyare cool i will add em as NEW stuff, if they are REALLY cool i will replace the old ones ;D
download link now on the thread!
also, the item to summon the Pandolar Trader is made using Fallen Stars, Snow and Ice
Idk, I'm editing a speed build rn. And I still have to record the next episode and then edit, which will take a good three to four hours or more. So either tomorrow or possibly today if I work my :red: off all day (which I probly won't do XD).
Looks like a really good mod! I'll probably use this mod in my next warrior play through? :)
[doublepost=1470860955,1470860856][/doublepost]Which I will probably record. I'll probably combine it with other cool mods, but the downside is the Fargo mod. I loved it as I could buy summoner boss items, without having to farm for ages. XD
ok after some testing i noticed that Fargos Mutant mod only SOMETIMES messes up SacredTools, idk why, i have NO IDEA why...
need further testing, u can try if both mods work for you... also: use melee against the Flare Serpent, or Yoyo, he shoots so many projectiles that throwing, shooting, and summons may cause MASSIVE lag, or im just gonna delay his shooting again...
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