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PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

Donki Dono


literally, my friend and I were looking for a shrine for the past 2 hours and we were close to giving up, because the shrines didn't appear AT ALL.

1.4 literally removed most shrines for me--
idk about you.


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I'm looking for an enchanted sword in journey mode, and am having trouble, so I want a seed with an enchanted sword and its location. Note: journey mode and normal mode world's are different even if they have the same seed.
I've merged your Thread into the share your map seed thread here. This is the Thread that should be used for sharing/discovering seeds including 1.4 seeds as well.


Found a really cool seed with 4 Giant Trees on the right side.

Seed is: Superduperhardmode
Large world
Master mode
I think the Difficulty Setting should be noted because the seeds for some things do not work in other settings.

Anyone have a Journey Mode Seed with Sandstorm in a Bottle? [EDIT: I've tried a lot of Pyramid seeds but don't seem to spawn Pyramids in Journey Mode]


I was going to make several worlds to try and get as many the following:

* No corruption on jungle, desert or snow.
* Just one patch of corruption tucked to the side easy to control, but not right by the ocean, with no more than 2 deep shafts but plenty of shadow orbs.
* A pyramid outside the desert in its own oasis.
* Dungeon very close to the edge of the map.
* Giant trees near the dungeon.
* At least one enchanted sword shrine, close to the surface, but not on the surface.
* A spot with two fallen logs close enough but not too close, to walk from one to another and try and get fairies to spawn.
* Enough flat surfaces with plenty of room for artificial biomes and for meteors to fall without breaking anything else.
* A few deep caves to get into the Caverns without having to dig too much.
* A spider cave near the Center of the map, but not completely on the center so I don't cut it in half with the main central shaft.
* Also mushrooms caves near the center.
* A sizable flat area in the jungle to get a jungle town and bambo farm built fast.
* A large Lizhard temple tucked to the side of the jungle so I can make a shaft there without cutting the jungle.
* A few islands close together under the Space layer so I can merge them together into a large floating island.

So I name the first world "First Try", hit the button and I get this baby over here:

View attachment First Try.png


It's got everything I wanted, and the pyramid has the magic carpet to boot. The corruption is eating away at the stairs of the dungeon, but it can be easily repaired.

The shrine is unfortunately gone in Classic mode, but it's otherwise mostly the same, just with more giant trees on the right, and only one of them reaches the dungeon shaft. There's still a couple of enchanted swords, just without the shrine.

Needless to say, I didn't have to make a "Second Try" map. This one will do fine as a main map to try and build a neatly ordered world with all the NPCs and biomes.


I have been looking for a seed with a Penguin Fish (Pet) and i made a world looking for one and found it! I'd like to share it with you.
The seed is:
The location is: 5903 West 1036 Caverns
If you have been looking for a Penguin Pet well here you go!🐧🐧🐧:rslime:


Amazing start seed I just created.

To the left of the spawn, you have 6 giant living trees and like a dozen chests or so. Down the first cave to your left, just before you hit the giant trees, are some chests and a life crystal. Snow biome to left, jungle to right. Best of all, the jungle and snow biomes are intact/not corrupted. When you pass the giant trees to your left there is a low hanging sky island with a star fury in it too.

The seed is:
Map size: Large
World type: Corruption
Difficulty: Mastermode
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Found a really nice small world seed in

The seed is: 1.1.2.sandstorm

The notable features of this seed:
  • Directly to the right of spawn is a cave that drops you onto an abandoned mine track as soon as you cross the underground threshold.
  • Directly above that same hill is a sky island that could easily be reached after cutting down a few trees.
  • Further right past the snow biome is the only stretch of Crimson, which is contained between the snow and the dungeon.
  • To the right of the dungeon is a huge living tree, complete with root tunnel, with a sky lake above it that can be seen from the top of the tree.
  • To the left of spawn in the desert, there is a pyramid near the Oasis. The tip of the pyramid is visible from the surface, and the pyramid cuts straight through the middle of the underground desert.
  • There are two more sky islands on the left side of the world, one above the far end of the desert, the other a bit past the jungle.
  • Both oceans have 3 water chests each.
  • Less interesting, but still worth mentioning, the snow biome (which is directly past the cave hill from the first bullet point) is abnormally flat the entire way across. Like the elevation only changes by a few blocks at most, with the occasional hole in the ground.


Lunatic Cultist

Size: Large
Difficulty: Master
World Evil: Corruption
Seed: Pizza

No corruption in the jungle \o/
Pyramid for +Novelty
Pizza seed for +Novelty
A cool ocean tunnel!


Where's Waldo?

Hi guys, does anyone know a world seed where I can find Waldo's painting? I just need it for my collection... Thanks in advance!


View attachment 275889[Tedit print]
journey, medium, corruption, seed: 1747410481
this is interesting lol. i was looking for something like yours, but i want crimson, so just to try it out, i use your seeds, but change the setting to classic and world evil to crimson. it really works. i got a really similar layout to yours except that the corruption is replaced by crimson. dungeon layout is completely different though. my dungeon extends to the left and doesnt touch the ice biome at all.


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