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PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]


Hi all, first time poster.

I'm looking for a PC Large/Corruption/Classic world with a green (preferable) or blue dungeon, and all of the following (any number):

Enchanted shrine(s)
Living tree(s)
Ocean trench that's new in 1.4

...Basically, every unique terrain/structure possible in the game in one world. ...an added bonus would be an ore set with gold instead of platinum.

Anybody find a seed like that yet?


Size: Large
Evil: Corruption
Mode: Master

You will spawn in a forest biome with some trees, rocks, etc.

And if you go 3371' East and 396' Surface you will arrive at 2 living wood trees.
Terraria_ A good day to dig hard 8_14_2020 11_32_09 AM.png

Now, if you go down the second tree for a while. There is a enchanted sword shrine next to the tree! How crazy is that?
Terraria_ A good day to dig hard 8_14_2020 11_35_26 AM.png

The enchanted sword shrine is at 3381 East' and 4' Surface.
Terraria_ A good day to dig hard 8_14_2020 11_37_26 AM.png

By the way, torch not included. ;)
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I wanna include this seed with the New update of Terraria
Master, Small World, Corruption

There is a Shrine just to the right of the world, not too far and in the first cave you enter before exiting the cave.



Seed: For the worthy
Large, master, crimson.
World id: 1576376626
This world have the giant railway under spawn. It's really long to the right, it's length is... 1/8 or 1/4 of the world length.
It's really cool. I can continue it, and get the great railway, that allows me to travel entire world.


Official Terrarian
I've been seeing so many requests for Enchanted Swords and Starfuries.

Enchanted Sword at: 3414' West, 12' Underground

There's also at least 2 Starfuries on the floating islands, haven't fully explored yet and I am too lazy to use TEdit. :p

EDIT: This is for
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-epic world-

Needless to say, I didn't have to make a "Second Try" map. This one will do fine as a main map to try and build a neatly ordered world with all the NPCs and biomes.
What version did you make this in? This is the exact seed I wanted, but it doesn't generate the same in


Well, I was really desperate for that world, so I looked at the post date, and got to know it was generated in v1.4.0.5. I got that version using the DepotDownloader of Steam, and generated the same world in all difficulties so you guys can play on any difficulty. My favorite one is the Expert generation - It has a lot of chests, the first cave (to the left of where you spawn) has a HUGE railway track that connects the left desert to the right-side forest biome, plus also has a shrine directly below a river. Here are the files - I think you should be able to change the world name via TEdit.


  • Classic.wld
    11.1 MB · Views: 107
  • Expert.wld
    11.1 MB · Views: 97
  • Journey.wld
    11.1 MB · Views: 62
  • Master.wld
    11.1 MB · Views: 76


Official Terrarian
master medium corruption,

pretty ordinary world until i found out theres 2 chests in the right ocean and both of them contain water walking boots.


I have a seed for
it has four chests, four life crystals, and two golden chests
seed: 1196740332
it has to be a large world with corruption (and its right)

John Dark

875611108 (Large, Expert, Corruption)

Has three Living Trees in relative proximity to each other by the spawn point, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

If anyone finds any (prefferably small or medium) worlds with at least 2 Living Trees next to each other, please let me know.
Here's one: Crimson, Master, Large.(I don't know where the 3.3.2. came from, the seed was set as 07162015 when making the world). Head to the left past the crimson, a double large tree with some unique trees growing right next to a fairy log. Place down a sunflower to prevent corruption spread and it's my favorite generation in 1.4 so far.
Large World Corruption. Journey
Seed: If I play this, bring back VRChat 4 mac
There is a grove with 4 living trees at 7300 east. one at 524 east, and another one at 411 west that is special, as the room inside the tree is inside one of the three pyramids. the other two are at 1732 east and around 1269 west. there is also an enchanted sword biome at 6273 west.
According to the wiki, it is nigh-on impossible to get 6 trees.
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Terrarian Large, crimson, journey

has more of those loot trees than i've ever seen in a world. head right and there's like six or seven, multiple groves of them grouped up.

I am looking for a journey seed with a pyramid, i've made so many worlds and haven't been able to find one.


Skeletron Prime
Mid. Corruption. Normal.
This one has a featureless spawn (which might or might not be a good thing) and a hill with a cave close to it.
The cave (and hill) can be utilized for construction of large structures.
I built a dome with three houses and some small chests. A extremely vast amount of space (underground) is also available) (e.g. 48 gem tree gem farm)
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The others ... not very exciting.
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