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I love new world seed feature. And I want to know all your awesome seeds. Can you share it with a little description? (size and the reason are they cool) Maybe there is something unusual in them? I think this would be nice for people who want to start new game on an amazing and proven map :D

[Moderator edit - The thread title has been changed to cover all versions beginning with 1.3.4, when the experimental seed feature was introduced.

Each new official version of Terraria (including hotfixes) will change the world generation to some degree. Therefore, please indicate which version of Terraria that was used to generate your posted seeds.

Modded Terraria may greatly affect world generation (especially mods like TerraCustom that directly change the world-gen process), and the seeds generated by modded Terraria may well not result in any reproducible results.]
Here is one that has a sandstorm in a bottle really close to spawn. Here is the video to see where to dig down:

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Here's one with 3 pyramids.

The evil biome, crimson, is located all the way on the right side with the Jungle on the left side of the spawn. Three pyramids which is quite rare in my opinion.


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Using the seed; 1664370631, with the world size small, and corruption, if you go to the right hand side corruption there is a pyramid that partially blocks one of the pits. If you go down the pyramid it also puts you in the corruption. Just thought that was pretty neat.

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Using the seed; 1664370631, with the world size small, and corruption, if you go to the right hand side corruption there is a pyramid that partially blocks one of the pits. If you go down the pyramid it also puts you in the corruption. Just thought that was pretty neat.
Hi @Crazyclay I know it’s been a bit nice you posted this, but I wanted to let you know that I moved your post into this already existing thread for the same topic.



Journey mode, medium world size, corruption.

Probably the most abundant, easy, world to start in I have found in 2k hours. Lots of caves leading to lots of early game loot and platinum. 2 pyramids. One small corruption on the edge of the map, hemmed in by snow on one side and dungeon on the other.

If you want a fast start and don't want to worry about the evil biome then this is a winner.
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Expert mode, Small World, Crimson

  • To the left is a relatively small desert running into the crimson biome, followed by the jungle running to a Florida-style beach.
  • The two crimson peaks generated so close to each other that their main caves merged into a single ideal arena, with a nice island with an altar right in the middle.
  • Underground, the Crimson almost reaches the Jungle Temple, with a Marble biome perched between the Crimson branches.
  • To the right we have forest, snow, then a bit of forest with three Living Trees in a cluster, almost butting up against the Dungeon, which is separated from the Dungeon only by a small lake.
  • The first Living Tree runs down to the ice caves, the middle one is a dud (no hollow trunk), and the third has caves which with a little digging go right up to the brick surrounding the Dungeon shaft. Their tops are up in Harpy territory, there's also an interesting space between them enclosed by the branches. (I had a meteorite take a bite out of the canopies of second two, which put that enclosure into the Meteorite biome.)
  • Drawbacks: There's only one lonely fairy log, on the way to the snow biome. The Dungeon has a wooden chest above surface level, so it skips the Muramasa in the usual locked-chest sequence -- however, there is one deeper in.
  • I got Fledgling Wings pretty early (real game-changer!), but don't remember exactly where.
  • Argon moss, mostly past and around the Dungeon.
  • Lots of underground rail lines, notably one running underneath most of the snow biome just below surface level.

Copious Kobolds

God seed incoming.

This seed has
-A pyramid
-2 large trees with a loom and both wands
-An underwater tunnel in both oceans
-A rare diagonal desert entrance
-And best of all, an easily findable Waldo (Ultra-rare painting) just off a minecart track out of the desert. (200 east 400 down for the lazy people)

Only downside is the pyramid has a pharaoh costume.
Ironically, the name it gave me was "The silly crest of hopelessness."

Capture 2021-12-20 16_03_55.png
Capture 2021-12-20 16_02_29.png
Capture 2021-12-20 16_05_05.png
Capture 2021-12-20 16_06_28.png
Capture 2021-12-20 16_06_42.png
Capture 2021-12-20 16_08_27.png

I've also uploaded the world to the Steam Workshop in the event the world gen changes. Search "Where's Waldo"
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I made an account just to share this seed; it's a builder's biome dream. Mostly to say thanks for this thread because I have a bunch of exploration seeds now. :)
Seed: "Clean snow" [no quotes] large, classic, corruption, or if preferred: 3.1.1.Clean snow [including space between the words]

Spawn point: forest, completely flat, some water. Details under the cut in case people want to explore, but: completely clean snow and jungle and no evil near jungle.

Left of spawn:

Ocean -> corruption [some beach corrupted, my only real complaint] -> forest -> green dungeon [on a re-do, spawned a blue/grey one so that may vary?] -> forest -> corruption -> forest. Completely clean snow, some ice water.

Right of spawn: completely clean rolling desert with an oasis, another completely clean desert with an oasis and pyramid [ETA: with a flying carpet], completely clean jungle, no corruption at all this side, so jungle is completely protected from it.

Five living trees, with 4 of the 5 in pairs, one either side of spawn, both pairs have a long room connecting them, one has a room with a loom.

Spawns copper, iron, silver, and gold.

ETA: There is a second pyramid under the desert just to the right of the spawn.

I've only taken my new girl in her wooden armour along the surface pre-hardmode (last time I played was in 2018!) so no idea about islands/underground as yet.
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Small, Journey, Crimson
Despite being a small world, this world has not one enchanted sword shrine, but two! The shrines are on opposite ends of the world. In addition, there is a pyramid blocking the entrance to the underground desert. From this image alone, you can also notice that the entrance to the jungle's temple is not even in the jungle itself!
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