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Sharing the Love - Terraria Update News!



Happy Monday, Terrarians!

Our good friend Chippy is getting ever so close to the one million subscribers mark (only 22k remaining - if you have not subscribed to this amazing channel yet, what are you waiting for?!)... and in celebration of that and his constant positive impact on the community, we worked with him to put together the little video below. This is definitely something that you will want to check out, trust us. :cool:

We hope you enjoy it - and once again, we are beyond thankful for all of your support: it inspires us to great things!​
So. You guys worked together to announce something, but instead of also including whatever it was announced within this announcement thread, you don't state anything and expect everyone to watch the video. Why should I watch this video when I much prefer reading the announcement on my own terms? What was it that was announced that required a video format and couldn't just be a paragraph or two?
I wasn't expecting to be excited about these changes but man... the Bewitching Table (buff stations in general) buff lasting until death is HUGE! Also, Sentries behaving a bit more like they do in the actual OOA Event was a good call, I'm just glad you shied away from making them permanent Minions though, 10 mins is reasonable, but expect me to use them as "guard turrets" now! 😏 🤷‍♂️

Not sure why I'm excited about the Dark Lance buff though... but I've always wanted an excuse to stack Shadowflame, Frostburn, Cursed Inferno, and On Fire! debuff, on top of each other! Now that I think about it, it's cool to look forward to something else besides the Hellwing Bow.
Terraria 1.4.0 - Journey's End
Terraria 1.4.1 - Wrapping up the Journey
Terraria 1.4.2 - Wiring the Workshop
Terraria 1.4.3 - Crossing The Constant

and then we are getting

Terraria 1.4.4 - Reforging the Stats (Ft. a few new items)


some day, maybe or maybe not today, there will be a final final final final final final FINAl update, and we will expect more, but eventually, all good things come to an end. I hope that this is not truly anytime soon, but you never know. so, expect the unexpected.


The Journey wild ride goes on, but Re-logic being Re-logic yet again
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