tModLoader Shatter Mod [Help Wanted!]


Update 2: It will hopefully be worth the wait!
A (planned to be) large content mod, complete with bosses, weapons, armor, accessories, progression, an original soundtrack, and more!
I'm still looking for programming assistance in this mod's development, as I am too busy to consistently develop it (and also too lazy).
If you think you can help, please let me know.

Great Wave [Hardmode] (Sprite Outdated)
90 melee damage
Fast (21) speed

Creates a short-range shotgun of piercing water droplets every swing.

Magma Scepter [Pre-Hardmode]
36 magic damage
Average (30) speed
Uses 24 mana

Conjures a sphere of magma to slowly move forward and deal massive damage, piercing up to 6 times.

Twelve Finger Twinkle [Hardmode]
50 ranged damage
Insanely fast (5) speed
Does not auto-fire

Has a 50% chance to fire two shots. Is also literally just 12 guns strapped together.

Chainbow [Pre-Hardmode]/
Rainbow [Hardmode]/
Painbow [Hardmode]
9/26/38(x2) ranged damage
Insanely fast (7/5/4) speed
20%/40%/60% chance to not consume ammo
A trio of ridiculously fast firing bows to match their fast firing gun counterparts. (Sprites Outdated)

Shouter [Hardmode]

25(x6) ranged damage
Slow (33) speed

A pre-mechboss shotgun, but stronger than the one you can get from the arms dealer. Makes a loud noise when fired! Corruption exclusive.

Screamer [Hardmode]

75 ranged damage
Fast (24) speed

A fairly slow slug shotgun/rifle, obtainable before the mech bosses. Deals good damage, but is slow. Currently doesn't scream, but maybe in the future? Crimson exclusive.

Heartache [Pre-Hardmode]

52 melee damage
Very fast (13) speed

A powerful sword, especially for pre-hardmode. However, it costs life to swing. Don't be reckless!


62 melee damage
Fast (25) speed
4 seconds hold time
31.5 tiles range

Explodes on contact, hitting multiple targets. Can't hit you, though!
Elegant Outfit (Sprites Outdated)

14 defense | Thrower
40% increased movement speed, no fall damage, and higher jumps. So fast!

Hallowplate Armor

40 defense | All class
All plasma weapons gain new, powerful properties. Future!
Continuum Cell

Slowly flies towards you, firing small homing spheres. Its simplistic appearance may betray some greater significance.
The Arch Pixie

Health: 21000/42000 | Damage: 75/150 | Defense: 16
This aggressive, overgrown, sparkly hallowed creature may not be the most durable, but its damage output will leave overconfident players in shambles. Intended to be fought before the Mechanical Bosses, but after the Wall of Flesh.
This boss drops Arch Pixie Dust, which allows you to craft futuristic plasma weapons.

A biome! Maybe two, if I figure out how to code worldgen!
More bosses! What's a content mod without 20 bosses, anyway? I promise half of them won't be worms.
And more...?

Download: Hopefully this decade

Me: Coding, art, design, balance
Friends: Accidentally encountering bugs
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Some screenshots:

Magma Scepter vs. Eater of Worlds

The Painbow in action. This, unfortunately, IS its final form. I think.
Looking pretty nice! Some good sprites to go with it is also helps!
[doublepost=1511669589,1511669528][/doublepost]Looking pretty nice! Some good sprites to go with it is also helps!
Guess who's back? Back again? Shatter's back. With a boss.

I mean, Shatter's not really back, because it's not in an acceptable state to be released, but still. Also, sorry for the low quality gif.
This is the Arch Pixie! They are a minor optional boss that is intended to be fought before the mechanical bosses, but after the Wall of Flesh. They are a Hallow-themed boss (obviously), and you can listen to their theme here. Their patterns consistently cycle between four attacks, but each attack gets much harder in the second phase!
They drop Arch Pixie Dust, which can be used to craft plasma-themed weaponry and armor, like the Plasma Cutter, a sword that fires a wave that hits more times the closer and larger your target is.
I like the concept of the Arch Pixie. Your return reminds me of mines, where we both put our mods off for about a year, before returning full swing.

I can see this boss being a bit easy, but I don't want it to be a bullet hell either. Just make it good. I see potential in you.
If you need a spriter, I guess I can help. This seems like a decently worthy project. Just start a conversation and invite me to a discord or something, where i'm most active
If you need a spriter, I guess I can help. This seems like a decently worthy project. Just start a conversation and invite me to a discord or something, where i'm most active
Actually, unfortunately I'm not looking for another spriter right now. Right now I've got something of a 3 to 1 sprite to content ratio, and I'm not looking to make that issue worse. I suppose I should edit OP to explain this, sorry.
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