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  1. Wil

    Wil Terrarian

    Welcome to the Home of Shield Mod!

    Howdy! Welcome to Shield Mod.
    3/2/2019 - Overhaul in progress
    4/7/2019 - Working on Overhaul on and off when I feel like it,
    Spriting is hard man:sigh: but it's going well twords my goal of fitting the terraria art style and working smoothly.
    5/31/2019 - Base of weapon in place and i am now adapting code to my needs, full release is awhile away but hey schools out soon so yay!

    This mod contains a shield generator that requires deuterium to fire a bolt that upon hitting any surface becomes a shield against projectiles and enemies.

    Comment with any bugs, glitches or suggestions, Thanks for your feedback!

    Disclaimer: This mod uses excessive particles for everything, i'm thinking of adding a "limited particle mode" for all you dual core fans ;)
    Content and Recipes
    Nope :p
    You gotta find it yourself

    or you could talk to the guide

    Or in the mod browser
    Currently closed source until i finish the mod and clean up the beautiful code
    Source might be on github if i decide to try it out
    If you really want to see how somethings done you can start a conversation with me
    This mod may grow in size or not even be released at all but this will document my work and progress!
    I currently am developing a "Shield Condenser" which will be powered by "Deuterium" and will fire a massive bolt of "Shield Condense" which upon hitting the ground will spawn a wave of particles and create a shield against most enemies and projectiles. I hope to add different tiers of shields but many details of this need to be worked out and extra fanciness to be added to fully complete this mod.
    A September Update: work is well on its way with the base complete and all the details being worked out or redone.

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  2. Wil

    Wil Terrarian

    Don't people reserve this spot or somethin'?
    Why not i can post cringy memes here ;)
  3. silverwisp1

    silverwisp1 Terrarian

    Hey, I found this mod a couple of minutes ago, I think it’s pretty cool.

    If you’re still working on this, could you perhaps make a shield that circles around you, you don’t have to, I just like the idea.
  4. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    God that's an unholy necro...

    You need content to show for this to count as a WIP
  5. Wil

    Wil Terrarian

    Thanks! Cool idea but might be a little op ;)

    I'll add everything when i finish the "Release" version of this mod, for now a general explanation is at the top of the page.