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tModLoader "Shield Of The Corrupter" - A QoL mod


Duke Fishron
Major props for putting this much detail into a thread devoted to a single item.

I'm not even being sarcastic. It's a very useful mod, and a very lovely thread. I'm definitely adding this to all of my next runs.

Is there a Brain of Confusion equivalent version, or a way to convert the Worm Scarf into a Brain and vice-versa?


Duke Fishron
I'm always a fan of combining a great many accessories into other accessories, myself. The more, the merrier. Sometimes five accessory slots just aren't enough. Heck, I always run with 11. 5 from the Antisocial mod and 6 from the Cheat Sheet mod. 11 slots is usually enough. Heheh.

IMHO, if people go too far with combining various items into a single accessory and ruin their fun by being too overpowered, it's their own fault for lacking discipline.
A bit of nitpicking, but you should use the Tinker's Workbench instead of an anvil, that crafting station is more in-tune with combining accessories. (People also tend to use Demon Alters for this as well)
Nice presentation here though for just a single item, in-detail and all.


in my opinion (just found this mod btw), it should have buffed stats like lightning boots to frost bark boots but to be crafted at a mythril/orichalcum anvil


do you think you could add a crimson version? like a shield of confusion? maybe even a third item, a worm shield of confusion? great mod btw


sprite is not that great, a shield of cthulhu recolor. also the shield has "Shield Of the Corruptor" but it should be "Shield of the Corruptor"
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