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Sprites Shooting Star (Alternate Meteorite)

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Izzabelle, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    an alternate meteorite

    Welcome to Shooting Star, an alternate Meteorite biome. Shooting Star was kind of a side-project while I fleshed out some of my more larger biome alternates. The more I worked on it though, the more I thought "Damn. Now this has to be a thing". Shooting Star is the catalyst for the newer alternate projects coming down the lines. So if you like my alts, Shooting Star is to thank for being able to get even more of them. The theme itself is pretty simple. I designed most things with influences from Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, and G-Force: Guardians of Space. So if some things feel familiar to you, those are the things to blame.

    There's nothing here yet!

    ***** Please Read Before Posting *****


    Concept Music


    Environment & Item Changes
    Sprite Name Replaces Type Max Stack Rarity Ingredients Crafted At Dimensions
    [​IMG] Star Metal Meteorite Crafting Material 999 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Star Metal Bar Meteorite Bar Crafting Material 99 [​IMG] [​IMG]x3 [​IMG] 1x1
    [​IMG] Star Metal Brick Meteorite Brick Crafting Material 999 [​IMG] [​IMG]x1, [​IMG]x1 [​IMG] 1x1
    [​IMG] Star Metal Brick Wall Meteorite Brick Wall Wall 999 [​IMG] [​IMG]x1 [​IMG] 1x1


    Sprite Name Drop 1 Drop 2 DMG Health DEF KB Resist Inflicts AI Spawn Banner
    [​IMG] Starmite [​IMG] 2% 35 35 8 80% [​IMG] Flying Shooting Star [​IMG]


    Sprite Name DEF DMG Power Velocity Mana KB Use Time Rarity Ingredients Crafted At
    [​IMG] Starshot 11 4 1 [​IMG] [​IMG]x1 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Hamaxe 21 H60%, A100% 7 29 (Average) [​IMG] [​IMG]x20 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Wish 20 13 7 14 (Very Fast) [​IMG] [​IMG]x20 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Whale Mortar 70 31 (Slow) [​IMG] [​IMG]x1, [​IMG]x25, [​IMG]x10 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Power Wand 19 5 9 4 16 (Very Fast) [​IMG] [​IMG]x15, [​IMG]x10 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Power Scepter 39 7 15 4 15 (Very Fast) [​IMG] [​IMG]x1, [​IMG]x50 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Power Brooch 55 15 25 7 14 (Very Fast) [​IMG] [​IMG]x25, [​IMG]x10, [​IMG]x10 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Visor 6 [​IMG] [​IMG]x10 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Jacket 7 [​IMG] [​IMG]x25 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Leggings 6 [​IMG] [​IMG]x15 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Armor 19 [​IMG] [​IMG]x50 [​IMG]/[​IMG]


    Sprite Name Dimensions Rarity Max Stack Ingredients Crafted At
    [​IMG] Star Metal Platform 1x1 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x1
    [​IMG] Star Metal Workbench 2x1 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x10
    [​IMG] Star Metal Door 2x3 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x6
    [​IMG] Star Metal Chair 1x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x4 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Chest 2x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x8, [​IMG]/[​IMG]x2 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Table 3x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x8 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Lantern 1x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x6, [​IMG]x1 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Candle 1x1 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x4, [​IMG]x1 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Lamp 1x3 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x3, [​IMG]x1 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Piano 3x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x15, [​IMG]x4, [​IMG]x1 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Bed 4x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x15, [​IMG]x5 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Dresser 3x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x16 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Bookcase 3x4 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x20, [​IMG]x10 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Bathtub 4x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x14 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Candelabra 2x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x5, [​IMG]x3 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Sofa 3x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x5, [​IMG]x5 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Clock 2x5 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x10, [​IMG]/[​IMG]x3, [​IMG]x6 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Chandelier 3x3 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x4, [​IMG]x1, [​IMG]x3 [​IMG]/[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Star Metal Sink 2x2 [​IMG] 99 [​IMG]x6, [​IMG]x1 [​IMG]


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  2. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man Official Terrarian

    Looks good, other than the Bookcase looking like a vending machine for multiple people to use at once. It looks wonderful. I'd love to have more alternates. Nicely done putting all this work into your ideas and making them- as a concept anyways, more real. :D

    (Edit: And I know the sprite isn't final.)

    Maybe you could also include alternate recipes using stars themselves to craft some of the bricks with meteorite?

    Edit: Just to be clear, is the Meteorite being replaced with this alternate, or is it a "sometimes" thing?
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
  3. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    I was thinking more Server. But if it sticks out too much like a vending machine I'll change it.

    No, I don't want to push too far from the base game's recipe. Meteorites are still the baseline by which all things are measured here.

    (Please read the Disclaimer section) Shooting Stars will replace Meteorites on a per world basis -- not replace them entirely.

    So if you have a world where a Meteorite hits -- then you will not have Shooting Stars hitting that world. And vice versa. Alternates behave just like the only alt currently in the game; The Crimson. You get The Crimson or The Corruption; never both.


    I made some fixes to the Equipment table. Should be much easier on the eyes now.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
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  4. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important Terrarian

    It's too late for me to post any in depth review, but this all seems cool.

    I don't know why but I really like the look of the furniture. I'll be back tomorrow probably.
  5. The World Over Heaven

    The World Over Heaven The Destroyer

    Now I have to imagine what it would look like once it's on the surface.
  6. A Wittle Gold Bunny

    A Wittle Gold Bunny Official Terrarian

    Yay. A new one!
    This never gets old.
  7. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    I don't get any of the references, but this seems like a very interesting idea. I like the sprites and color themes, and the furniture set would work well on a spaceship-type environment.
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  8. The Pumking's Blade

    The Pumking's Blade Skeletron Prime

    I always like to c all of ur alternatives over n over again, but I always have a question in my mind everytime when I c these things.

    Did u went to hogwarts before?
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 27, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 27, 2016 ---
    Next thing u will do is to make an alternate pirate invasion. I already had 1 idea for that.

    Turn it in to the knight invasion!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 27, 2016 ---
    Heck y not alternate the Martian Maddness, solar eclipse, or even

    The lunar eclipse! That would actually be cool though.
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  9. that homie

    that homie Plantera

    Well done! There isn't a lot of shading on the furniture, but that gives it its own unique feel. It reminds me of Pokemon!

    +1 Support!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 29, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 29, 2016 ---
    Lunar eclipses in real life look like this. upload_2016-7-29_12-51-32.png

    Which is extraordinarily similar to the blood moon. As a matter of fact, that is probably what the blood moon is based off of. So a Lunar Eclipse wouldn't work.
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  10. Zoomo

    Zoomo Lunatic Cultist

    Yup, that's literally what it is. :^D
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  11. The Pumking's Blade

    The Pumking's Blade Skeletron Prime

  12. Tas the Thing

    Tas the Thing Dungeon Spirit

    This is a good idea, my favorite out of all of your ideas so far.

    Just an idea, since you can now choose a new world's evil after beating the WoF, you should be able to choose whether a new world will have shooting stars of meteorites. I haven't decided what the criteria for this would be, maybe defeating the goblin army or the eater of worlds.
  13. timboss

    timboss Skeletron Prime

    Blood moons actually exist though so I don't think it's based off an eclipse.
  14. MournfulRelic

    MournfulRelic The Destroyer

    Blood Moons in real life ARE lunar eclipses.
  15. timboss

    timboss Skeletron Prime

  16. BlueBeoWulf

    BlueBeoWulf The Destroyer

    That's a great idea. I honestly only think that you should change one thing: I think you should change it from "Star Metal" to "Stellatite" or something similar.
  17. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    No; Star Metal was specifically chosen because it is a type of known fantasy metal akin to Mythril, but more uncommonly used.
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  18. Matsu

    Matsu Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Please try to provide more content in future posts, thank you.
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  19. BlueBeoWulf

    BlueBeoWulf The Destroyer

    Ah, okay. I was unaware of that.
  20. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Star Metal doesn't get a lot of coverage. So I gave it prime placement for this fitting biome alt.
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