Mobile Should I Get Turtle Armour Or Chlorophyte Armour?

Should I Get Turtle Armour Or Chlorophyte Armour?

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as far as i can remember both of these sets take a decent amount to farm. why i say both is because chlorophite takes alot of time to farm. so its best done early. what i would do. 1. explore jungle and farm as much chlorophite as possible. 2. find that blue glowing place underground and find some shroomite mushrooms and seeds and alot of mud blocks(youll probably have mud blocks anyways). 3. go back to the jungle surface and get turtle shells. 4. repeat.
if you ever plan on doing ranged damage chlorophite bullets are pretty amazing. and the shroomite set you can make with chlorophite bars is a must.


Turtle is mainly for defense while chlorophyte is for overall performance. Which one to choose; just depends on your play style.


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Don't make chlorophyte armor. Just don't. Turtle armor can be used to make beetle armor, or you can wait to get shroomite armor or spectre armor. Either way, going with chlorophyte armor isn't a good idea.
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