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Should i try master mode? Its not that hard really , i think its easy.


of course you should. depending what you wanted to do. if you simply want to have fun, go ahead and suffer from the extremely buff enemies. if you wanna flex on your friends, go ahead.
theres a few master only items but some of them are not worth it. some of them are just pets, some of them are actually good mounts. so i think you should.
yeah im saying this i want challange but fun too so expert is nice


Dude, I only play master, as I lost a 20 hour or so hardmode classic world, I gave up on playing casually, because if I'm gonna keep making world backups, I might as well make it worth all the storage space, and I don't regret it. 50-70 hours in master mode and I'm having so much fun flexing and learning how to bring my A game no matter what. That and it's the only way to get developer items. The learning curve is steep, but not unbearable, and is worth it in the end.
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