show us your pets!


Wasabi: (for some reason all my pets are horrified of cameras so i can never get a good picture)
Those are the best pictures. Don't worry.


I own two pet budgies (named Alex and Baits)! Well, used to. One died and the other escaped out of his cage. They were like my childhood pets to me as I had them for about nine years.. and I feel sad just thinking about them today. :c

I don't have any good pictures to show other than a bad one, and I don't want to show that because it's something you guys don't want to see.


A couple more of my "pets". :) (Warning: If you have actual Arachnophobia and the likes, I would suggest you do not open any of these spoilers.)

Adult female Chaerilus celebensis (Dwarf scorpion) with three scorplings remaining on her.
If anyone's curious as to the size of the babies, here (This is the exact same species as the above picture, which is on my fingertip :) ):

Adult female Tityus stigmurus. This species is parthenogenetic/they reproduce asexually, so all specimens are females. Some males of parthenogenetic species will also reproduce via asexuality. (This species is known as the Brazilian Devil Scorpion. Known to be fatal to small children, people with compromised immune systems, and the elderly):

Adult female Liocheles australasiae. This species is also parthenogenetic/reproduces asexually. Completely harmless species, and is known as the "Dwarf Wood Scorpion".

I'm receiving more arachnids and such tomorrow, so there will be more posts. :D
I find some humor in this as my avatar is a Pokemon that is based off of a hybrid of kitsune and a werewolf. (A goggle wearing Zoroark was my avatar when I made this post.)

Meet Tangerine (Tangi)!
(thumbnail as the pic is HUGE if I do full image.)

She's my shadow. Where ever I am, she's not too far behind. She's fairly old and we are not certain of how much longer we have with her. The pic was taken sometime last summer.
Also, I need to note she is tiny compared to other female cats.
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So, got my package in about two or three hours ago, and I finally got all of the inhabitants settled. (Once more, warning: If you have arachnophobia, or a phobia of "Creepy crawlies" I would suggest you not open these)

First off, Vaejovis waueri. Known as the only true "Dwarf" scorpion of the United States. This species gets up to about 3/4th's of an inch.

Secondly, Centruroides vittatus. A communal species of Bark Scorpions from TX, however these aren't a typical coloration, and therefore is a morph)


Diplocentrus lindo. Large burrowing species from TX and surrounding states. This specimen is gravid (Pregnant).

Adult Scolopendra polymorpha. An adult blue-ish Centipede from TX and other Arid states.

And probably the most interesting addition to my collection is.. This adult female Solifugid (Camel Spider). I sadly do not know the species, but it is gravid.


Duke Fishron
Don't really have any photos yet, will post them later. I have 3 cats, Perry, Pinky and Pearl. Perry is a beautiful grey and white outdoor cat, that is very playful and mostly loving. Pinky is a fat white cat with a couple black spots. She loves being pet and cuddled, and even kicks her foot if you scratch her in the right place! Pearl is a very shy black cat. She is goreaphobic, and she never leaves the basement. She is scared of everything. I also have a dog, named Magick. Magick is a loudmouth austrailian shepherd, who is brown and white. He is partially blind, but that's because he is old. My family got him when I was 3. I also have a deceased pet that I will always remember. Pepper was a black and white cat who we got with Pinky. She was very old when we got her, almost older than Pinky. When we got her, she started getting thinner. And thinner. On Halloween of 2013, she died. I will always remember her...;(
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