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Show us your random world names!

Mille Marteaux

Empress of Light

This generated as a name I intended to play on Journey/Master. Frankly speaking, anything else I could say would detract from this.


Official Terrarian
I hope it's fine if I share random world names from others instead of ones I got personally.
All of these one's are from Peeve's stream of his first time really playing Terraria:

Armpit of Torn Muscles​
Existence of Bananas​
Busy Climax​
The Trench of Nudity​
Enthusiastic Haven of Wasps​

Suburb of the Old One​
The Angry Snap of the Snap​
The Crater of Broken Glass​
Flatulent Shire​
Stinky Globe of Flatulence​
Stinky Galaxy​
Smelly Hoosegow of Ponies | (Smelly Pony Jail)​
Selfish Summit of Nausea​

He was going through random names pretty quickly so there was an escalation of bad smell/fart names into the Summit of Nausea.

Vile Flats of the Sun​
Wood of Dead Bodies​
Biosphere of Vampires​
Dense Maze of Organs​

And the more serious/edgy names along the lines of what he was looking for, and in the end his chat voted for Dense Maze of Organs.


Duke Fishron
I decided to just go to world gen menu and keep pressing random name.

The shiny dump
Dreamworld of rope (Well this totally doesn't seem like hinting at suicide.)
Annoying world of beggars (So anytime I enter a master mode world)
Lasting defecation of trust
Purified well of hu... (So hu's well is it?)

And for last one:
The foundation of bacon
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