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PC [showcase] Reliable coin stack breaker


I've created a simple mechanism, for breaking placed coin stacks, and getting the coin items to drop. This could be quite useful for adventure map, where you want to drop an exact amount of money.


As you can see, the device always beaks every single coin, except for the bottom two.

So, how does this thing work? When you break the ground bellow a tile, that is affected by gravity (such as sand, silt, slush or coin stacks), they cease to exist as tiles and turn into projectiles. These projectiles will then travel downwards until they hit any kind of tile that isn't air. And I do mean ANY. This includes actuated tiles, grass and even cobwebs. Once this happens, the projectile turns back into a tile.
To get the coins to drop, we need to make the projectiles land somewhere, where they cant create a new tile, like inside of an existing tile. This is a bit tricky, since they normally can't fall into a spot that isn't air. We can circumvent this, by creating new tiles inside of the projectiles, using liquid interactions.

Here's what this machine does:
  • The boulder breaks
  • The coins turn into projectiles
  • At the time the sand also drops, allowing the two liquids to mix
  • The water turns the liquid honey into honey tiles
  • The coin projectiles land inside of the honey tiles and turn into items
  • 3 seconds later, once everything has settled, all of the tiles are actuated, the coins fall out of the machine
As a side note, coins are the only block you can do this to. If you get sand stuck in block, it will just disappear. You can test this by shooting the sand gun at some actuated tiles.

EDIT: According to https://mobile.twitter.com/Cennxx/status/1027930390466650117 this trick should also work with sand in the upcoming 1.3.6 update.
Falling blocks will now drop as items if they cannot turn into blocks (TRL-2015)
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