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PC [Showcase] Reprogrammable rotary lock


Duke Fishron
About a year ago I made a pass-code lock, and despite the looks it was surprisingly functional. So now I made a bigger one! This one uses a dial to input the code, kinda like one of those cheap padlocks.


The one above uses a 4 digit code with 12 settings on the dial. You could of course expend the design quite easily.
The blue and red mess of logic gates at top is a two way shift register for controlling the dial. The columns below it make up the memory. Password checking is handled by the vertical counter on the right, similarly to my old design. The counter on the left is for programming a new pass-code. I condensed the support logic into two rat's nests on the top right and bottom right.

I've attached a world download, which also includes detailed instructions about how to operate this thing.


  • Passworld2.wld
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[T-MEC] crawlr

I like the padlock design to the input a lot! The wiring for the door lock itself is nice and straightforward... I may need to use this in one of my builds. Nice!
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