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Shroomite gun


The reason I suggest this is because most armor sets have a weapon to accommodate the class it buffs, and that is made from the same ingot/material as the armor set( an example being meteorite armor and the space gun.
However Shroomite armor doesn't have a weapon to go with it, so I suggest the addition of the shroomite gun (or if you want to be creative the Truffuchet--truffle+trebuchet--)

---Shroomite Gun---
Crafting: 20 shroomite bars + 1 illegal gun part. Crafted at an autohammer

Damage: Shoots 3 spores at a medium fire rate that deal 40 damage each, and multiply on contact.
The projectiles move similarly to the giant fungi bulbs projectiles
The spores that form on contact float downward and do not shoot outward.
They also disappear on contact with the ground.

Resale: Can be sold to any NPC for 20 gold.

Let me know what you guys think below.
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