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tModLoader Simple Levels


Pretty good mod, though I do feel it gets a little powerful at times. Especially early game. Maybe softcap the level until certain bosses are defeated?
I found a new leveling bug. Once I reached level 119, I started gaining new levels rapidly. It seemed to be 1 level after every enemy defeated.


Leveling once per enemy defeated after level 119?
I couldn't find a glaring error on the code nor managed to get it to happen on my end.
Which mods are you using?


I use this mod and love it, but thought I'd give my 2 cents.

I would advocate for the scaling back of effectiveness per level of the damage buff. In my current run I'm getting a total damage of well over 600+ per hit with the Xeno staff minions, right around the Moon Lord level. Admittedly, I am overleveled, but probably not to the degree that I should be dealing so much damage. I would think that a healthy amount would be 1% per level, just like health.

From a design standpoint my suggestion seems like a problem though because at the lower levels with weaker/starting items you wouldn't see any increase at all. I don't 100% know of a good way to settle that potential issue. Perhaps with a function that increases the total damage dealt by 1 per level if it's under 100, and 1% per level if it's over 100?

As it currently stands the mod feels overpowered, but it still feels good to use. You mentioned figuring out how to use a config file somewhere in this thread. I think that would be an excellent idea because there really isn't going to be a one size fits all solution.


Config options are probably the first thing I'm implementing once the next version of tml rolls around.

As for the suggestion, flat damage has one major problem: the increase is disproportional.
Picture the Minishark with its starting 6 damage. With that much extra flat damage you could pick it up and just murder everything all the way to the Moonlord, with maybe upgrading it to the Megashark along the way.

The damage bonus growth is not something that I've put much though into, the thing doesn't have a ceiling and it's linear.


Played around with the mod (and the source a bit). It's pretty neat stuff, although it does get crazy, especially when playing with mods like calamity that have very tough monsters, or when using something like enemy stat config for when someone wants to challenge themselves and play against tougher monsters.

suggestions (warning, incoming tl;dr):

1) like others have said, that % damage per level should be nerfed a little. (halve it to 2.5%/lvl)

2a) the reduction stuff (for damage, mana) should be linear, and be capped at level 100. (e.g. +0.75% reduction/level until level 100 or something)

2b) same for added wing time. cap it at level 100 or something.

3) there should be an upper level cap of 1000. good enough for people who want to cheat or whatever.

4a) make the experience growth "polynomial" at first, and then add a bit of exponential growth starting after level 100.
-i recommend (growth*level)^(some constant power a little bit over 1) for levels 1 ~ 100. starting at level 101, the experience requirement should "jump" by 25% every 25 levels.
so it'd be 1.25*(that "polynomial" thing) at 101, 1.25^2*(that "polynomial" thing) at 126, 1.25^3*(that "polynomial" thing) at 151, etc etc.

4b) for the experience gained calcs, instead of divving by 100, take the square root or some other fractional power to complement #4a. multiply it by a constant if it seems too slow or whatever.

5) perhaps, as a bit of an "anti-cheat" device, make it so that monsters start getting tougher after level 100. much like how the experience requirements would do 25% jumps, the monsters' stats (damage, defense, health, whatever) should jump by 20% every 25 levels, with the first jump happening when player reaches level 101.
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I love the idea of this mod, but it has made things stupidly easy during my current Calamity play-through. I am currently sitting at level 445 with a 2225% damage bonus, 89% damage reduction and 2230 bonus hp. I still level up insanely fast during events such as the Celestial Pillars or Solar Eclipse. My minions can insta-kill the Moon Lord as soon as he spawns. I really hope you can get a config file working for this. Personally, I would change the level-up rate to 10x slower at least.


@s18541 I've writen down the suggestions, however number 5 is the exact reason why Leveled and kRPG failed hard for me and why I made the mod in the first place.

@_Gh0st Calamity is an odd one, vanilla bosses all become jokes pretty fast. And with its non-standard power curve it means that balancing around it means not letting this mod work with anything else. Though the level up gets extremely fast because back in an earlier version I capped the xp required to level up specifically to be able to grind enough levels to be able to power through supreme calamitas.


@hugojmaia I finished Supreme Calamitas earlier today, it was still somewhat challenging despite having the significant bonuses. Definitely can die quickly by failing to dodge the projectiles. I was playing in Revengeance mode as well. I was glad that I couldn't just afk it like I had been doing with The Devourer of Gods. I just started a Thorium (first time) expert mode playthrough with Joost and SacredTools as well. I am going to leave Simple Levels disabled for now to not make the earlier bosses too easy. I am considering maybe enabling it and then routinely reseting my level to 0 if things get too easy.


New update is live.
I didn't touch the current xp curve, but I did change how much xp each enemy gives.
Leveling at early points should be slightly faster while at later points it'll be considerably slower.


Damage reduction seems like it could be way too strong. I know you said you're working on the config options eventually. just would be wonderful to be able to adjust them, even through a config file if not an ingame option. If I had any idea how to make or mess with mods I'd try and adjust it myself. Otherwise this is balling for the leveling aspect. Cool stuff bro.


@hugojmaia another thing you could do is make usetimes gradually speed up w/UseTimeMultiplier (weapons swing faster, blocks can be placed faster, picks mine faster, etc). make it +1%/level, capped at level 100.
Love the mod, but it's REALLY OP with other mods. With Calamity for example I'm doing 1,000 hits with my minions before plantera...
I tried to install "Simple Levels Nerf" but because the character already had Simple levels I can't seem to get the nerf to work either

My suggestion is to either REALLY slow down leveling, (I could get to lvl 50 in about 2 minutes) or to lower the buffs by allot.


Levelling has been slowed down considerably over the last few patches, one multiplied the required xp by 5 and other changed the xp table of monsters from linear to square root. Getting to level 50 has been relatively unaltered by the xp table change, but everything past that is way slower.
Also, level 50 in 2 minutes, what were you killing?

Please get to the post moon-lord stuff before deciding it's op.
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