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Simulating Asphalt Platforms with Player Above Sensors


Hello all, thanks in advance for any guidance:

I am a switch player who just got the 1.3.1 update and am trying to come up with a way to simulate asphalt platforms for arenas. Using player above sensors I can fly up through them and then land on solid blocks, but am not sure the best way to de-actuate them again to fall to the lower level.

I could just line the entire arena with switches but that would be less than ideal as it would interrupt aiming/firing, as well as being slow and clunky.

I initially thought weighted pressure plates activated when you pressed down but alas that is not the case

If this could be done (or has) it would free up an accessory slot for some bosses and I think it’s worth exploring

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks


Hello, this is what I came up with, though I am unsure if it works on switch.
Capture 2020-04-29 09_51_17.png

I was too lazy to add player above sensors, but I think it doesn't really matter. So due to the trick with the acutated sloped blocks, if you hold down while going right you will phase through the full asphalt block and fall down. Otherwise, you will just walk on top. You can't fall down while going left though, because if both blocks are actuated you can fall down randomly if walking slowly. Now the main problems are: As far as I understood, you accelerate a bit slower(though it's not really noticeable), but that might be wrong. Also, going up and down repedeately might mess with your aiming, though it was okay for me. Then the most important issue is that I have no idea whether the atuated-sloped-block-thing even works on switch, because I don't have one. Still, hope that helps!
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