1. Magnus

    Magnus Terrarian

    I'd like to see some skills in this game so players can have more variety in their way of combat.

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  2. dom1998

    dom1998 Skeletron Prime

    I agree 3 categories one for range, mage and mele, then maybe mini categories such as mining things like that
  3. DestroyerOfTheDestroyer

    DestroyerOfTheDestroyer The Destroyer

    Yes- this would lock you into a class a bit more, but in this game that would be an interesting mechanic.
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  4. dom1998

    dom1998 Skeletron Prime

    I agree
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  5. Vladplaya

    Vladplaya Terrarian

    I got no problems with skills as long as they are not locked to some specific class of character.

    A lot of current items with special abilities in Terraria can be easily converted to skills. Teleportation and summoning staffs come to mind, they really don't need to be a weapon that you have to switch to to cast the spell, they can simply be a skill you find somewhere in the world (or dropped from an enemy) that you slot into your skill ability and cast using mana.
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  6. dom1998

    dom1998 Skeletron Prime

    So sort of like a skyrim vibe then you get the spell / accessorie then use it as the actual magic
  7. Magnus

    Magnus Terrarian

    Yes, a lot of things can just be converted into skills.

    Melee could have combo attacks with different weapons. (Ex. Click 3 times for a combo attack) Left click could be light and fast attacks and right click for heavy damaging but slower attacks. Both should also be combinable. For example light + light + heavy or heavy + heavy + light.

    Spells could have more variety as well. Combo attacks and separate skills for left/right mouse button. For example right could be single target and right for multitarget. They should also be comboable with each other. For example single + single + multi or multi + multi + single.

    The same could be done for ranged. Ranged should also have something that allows them to mix bullets/arrows in a battle. Nobody has time to switch either in a boss fight. They should also have some sort of method to mitigate damage more, I would say implement a dodging mechanic that's not based on luck but skill. Like a backflip that costs mana and has iframes or temporary stealth to get a breather. (With cooldown.) They really need this, because they are not tanky nor drain health from attacks.

    Just throwing some ideas around. This would make combat a lot more interactive.
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  8. Elate

    Elate Terrarian

    I'm in agreeance with the fact that they shouldn't be locked into anything other than armour or weapons, as it currently is. I tend to flip between range/magic/summoning/melee as my character progresses, because it's just useful to have the options.

    It'd be nice to be able to mix and match skills to though, less cut and dry classes, more variation. Sure, just as it is now, someone that mixes is never going to be the best in any one, but it opens up new playstyles. That's always a good thing.
  9. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    I like the skill idea, and the classes too, as long as it isn't like skyrime, where you "can be anything you want" in the end you just get op in everthing...which is pretty boring IMO, and with classes you have the feeling of being something, making the game more re-playable, not just a character that can kill with any skill...
  10. Magnus

    Magnus Terrarian

    Well yeah, I wouldn't want to see something like that in Terraria. Just want to add variety to the combat, not make a character overpowered in everything. That is no fun!