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Sky Rail Supports


Brain of Cthulhu
Yes, of course rails hold themselves up just fine, like almost every other tile. But I didn't like how it looked to have a world-spanning rail with nothing supporting it. So here's my solution. It's pointless, but I thought it was cool.


Two styles, one for sky, one for space. I also did a version of the second one in meteorite instead of martian, but I think this one is a little better.


Dungeon Spirit
Great idea! I just put up a minecart track across the sky, under my fallen star hoik collector and felt the looked odd just floating there too. I'm going to tweak and use this to match mine. Thanks!


Brain of Cthulhu
Just use cloud. You can even have cloud tunnels...
Some how directly attaching rails to cloud didn't seem right to me. Although it occurs to me from a fictional engineering standpoint, that using stone wasn't such a great idea, due to the weight. Perhaps I should have made the hanging part from wood. I bet that could look really nice if you fancied it up with some diagonal beams and stuff.


Cloud and dirt then. Make mini floating islands. Can even make floating rail stations and stuff. Alternate between hanging and holding support for variety.
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