PC Slayer of Worlds Achievement bugged


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I've only killed the main progression and evil bosses like the mechs, EoC, and Moon Lord, yet I still have Slayer of Worlds. I haven't killed Duke Fishron, EoL, or Queen Slime, but I have the achievement.

Cave wizard

EoL, Queen Slime and Deerclops were added after the achievement. It's not quite a bug, but rather an oversight. Duke Fishron should be one of the ones that you need to defeat though, according to the wiki; are you sure you haven't beaten it already?


Brain of Cthulhu
Cave wizard is correct regarding newer bosses - they are not required for Slayer of Worlds.

There are two known issues that can occur with the achievement, relating to WoF and Fishron. Sometimes defeating WoF will award the achievement improperly. And sometimes Slayer of Worlds is awarded without having defeated Fishron. Reloading the game returns the achievement to its correct inactive state, and defeating all bosses should award it permanently.
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