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Mobile Small Glitch and Customizable UI?


The FPS counter is in the bottom for me and it's not fully shown and I can't move it to any other place while in-game and it's hilarious how it's fully shown while in the main menus only!

While the old jump is back in the recent updates I still can't change the size of the controls or disable those which I don't need, I hope more UI customizations come in the future :(

Game is still unplayable for me in the hardest modes and to be honest I don't mind waiting for better controls because I'm not hyped for 1.3 like I was back when the update was announced for mobile :( Maybe I will just wait until the mobile version catches up to PC


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While I realize that SavetheBunny may not wish to continue playing, for others stopping by and reading, you may be able to move the FPS number up from the edge of the bottom. Going into Settings, choose Edit Interface and adjust the bottom safe region (for smaller screens there may not be enough screen space in order to make adjustments).

In the photos (click to enlarge), you can see how I can bring up my FPS display much higher. Currently, your left and right buttons will come up with it so you may not want to move it up too high, but I am showing an extreme difference. If needed, you could just scooch up the bottom a tad to display those numbers better.

DC6D7790-6674-4E6C-B7BA-6ECCB51963A8.jpeg 0A4603F2-8400-4CCC-8F32-3C19591B0F02.jpeg 60DB08EC-EF6F-4108-98E2-C31BB4CE46F7.jpeg 93CDC296-91FA-4CA1-BF09-468EB1A81823.jpeg
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