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Sprites Small Suggestion Saturday: Cthuhlu Painting! (Not a Cthuhlu suggestion)

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Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Hello everyone, and welcome back to Small Suggestion Saturday!

Today I will be suggesting a new painting that can be found in the Ocean: The Cthuhlu Painting!

(New sprite coming soon)

This new painting can randomly be fished up in the Ocean biome, with a 1:100 catch chance. It is a reference to the common lore of Cthuhlu, and since there isn't quite a solid reference to him in the game, why not make a painting out of him?

Anyways, that was really short, but thank you for reading this Saturday's Small Suggestion! Stay tuned for more!
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Brain of Cthulhu
Please not in the Dungeon. There are enough paintings there already. Maybe they could go in sky island houses instead. (~20% chance to spawn in a complete sky house on world generation.)

Edit: Forgot to mention that since I'm a collector, I'm always up for more paintings. One thing that bothered me about paintings is that they are comparatively hard to find, with some of them being near-impossible. It's a shame. What's the point of a painting if no-one can see it?
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