Smart Cursor Steam Deck not Activating


Using a Steam Deck.
Pressing control will not activate the smart cursor in either hold or toggle mode. Pressing the button does not change the cursor or bring up the yellow guidelines.
Have tried rebinding smart cursor and using the controller bind for smart cursor to no effect. Have tried binding control to different buttons. Have validated my files. Have tried changing every setting under the cursor section in the menu.


I made a control set up that's perfect for me, but I still don't feel like playing on my steam deck specifically because of smart cursor not working


This exact thing is happening to me, my deck is all I have that can run terraria and I was stoked. Hoping the fix comes soon. Important note: I am using keyboard and mouse with steam deck
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It's not an exact fix, but I set my trackpad to be used as a mouse and then I set my right joystick to be used as a joystick. Pressing control works only for the right joystick, but still allows me to have the smart cursor and a mouse cursor


Came to report this.

Anybody found a solution yet ?
I was preparing my set up to start a new run tomorrow on the deck for the release. Found out smart cursor doens't work on the deck if you're using a mouse and keyboard set up (wich imo is way more practical ti use, the deck feels like the best of both world, playing with the full range of control on a mobile device !).
You can use the right stick as a right stick gamepad, but I'd much prefer using it for some shortcuts. Another workaround is to set the key you want to use as Ctrl (L5 for me) as a layer that make the right joystick a regular right joystick. Doesn't make your mouse acting with the smart cursor, but at least you don't lose one input and just use the one reserved for Ctrl to make a workaround and you can use the joystick for other shorctuts the rest of the time.

Really hope it'll be fixed with the patch tomorrow.
edit : well... Sadly the smart cursor is still broken on the deck. :'(
Relying on the joystick for now is the best alternative.
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