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PC Snappy's Stores


Skeletron Prime
Selling plenty of expert mode items and dyes, contact me for more information. I will also kill a boss for 1 gold for you. Just not Moon Lord Expert Mode. Not yet. Dyes are 1 gold, expert mode items 10 each. I also sell mounts, weapons, and more!


Official Terrarian
Can you kill me 1000 eyes of chthulu? At the same time? Spawned by Hero's Mod so that we can actually do this? And i will give you the gold on a non modded character? Also only vanilla weapons? And no defense points?


Official Terrarian
Snappy, ok, gold armor! Except that you use the platinum greaves instead of the gold greaves, 1 extra defense, but no set bonus.
[doublepost=1547871540,1547871523][/doublepost]Also no accesories.


Yo m8 you have any luminite bars/ores? if so i need 350 bars ill pay 1k plat.
[doublepost=1547873249,1547872708][/doublepost]And i just found some duke fisron bags i bought a long time ago so ill throw those in to.
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