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PC Snarkel's Minipacks


I haven't been terribly active here on the forums but i have been playing a lot of Terraria lately. With official texture pack support added in. I've put together two minipacks that fix minor design nitpicks i had on a few items.

The first pack contains various changes and fixes to little details and other things that may have bugged me. It's mostly focused on making boss/enemy drops more consistent with what they are dropping from. Most of the sprites were made by friends of mine who don't have any links here on the forums. I've done some small edits and a recolor here and there. Expect this pack to be updated semi frequently until i get everything i want in it. If you want to chip in with some sprites, you are more than welcome. I'd even be willing to commission some sprites from anyone who offers.

The Second pack simply changes the first female style to how it was in 1.2 because i personally just do not like the current one. I slightly edited it to work with the new animations but otherwise, i didn't do any of the major spriting.



  • 1.2 females.zip
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  • 1.2femprev.png
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  • dungpreview.png
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  • miscpreview.png
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  • snarkel's fixes n tweaks.zip
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