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Snow Melts In Desert


Basically any snow related blocks (slush/snow block biome variants) and snowballs will melt if dropped or placed in the desert, beach, or jungle biomes for over 2 minutes.
If you drop or place those items in the hell biome they will melt instantly.
Also if you try throwing any explosive item (bombs/dynamite) in the underworld they will explode significantly quicker than in other biomes.

EDIT: Snow blocks now turn to slush first, then disappear and ice blocks turn to snow then slush.
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For many (including me) this game is also about creating fancy builds, so I feel you should be able to build anything you want, anywhere you want, and not have your creation fall apart, so that's a nope for me.
It's why the clown with his silly bombs was nerfed to not destroy stuff anymore. No builder wants tiles bombed out of their original placement or even have them completely disappear.
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