Terraria 1.3.1 So flying dirt patches are missing now

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    As the title implies, since last update those small patches of dirt (that usually had chests underneat) became so rare that are hardly spawning at all (in 10 worlds, 5 corrupted and 5 crimsoned there were none).

    I'd like to know if it's a bug or an intended feature, because I really like those flying islands, they're awesome to build flying cities. And I'd hate to see a flatter world in terraria.

    here's a screenshot from my 1 year old save file to clarify what I mean (21 september 2016; wow, it's my second oldest world since an old back up from 2013).
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    You mean 'flying dirt' or small caves? since they've a back wall, it's rather likely that they're small caves instead. Just to make it more logical.

    Anyways, I'm gonna check a few worlds myself to try it out, I've time to spare anyways. :p

    All photo's have been made in the current version of Terraria (

    World 1 (Crimson, Small):
    Well, this is an snow variant, close, but not the same one.

    There were pots in here, so I count this as one of the structures, only just messed up:

    Went looking at the right side, I'm certain that THIS is one of the structures you meant:

    And a second one right next to it.

    World 2 (Corruption / Medium)
    This certainely is one of them, only just half-messed up by a desert.

    Found a second one, close to the other it:

    This one doesn't really count, but the grass wall could mean that it could be one of them:

    Jungle variation:

    And found another one:

    And another one on the right side:

    Another one, including an enchanted sword shrine:

    World 3 (Expert, Large, Crimson)
    My flipping spawn point is on top of one of them!

    Another Ice variation.

    And a second one:

    One of them, but badly generated:

    Actual flying dirt:

    And more:

    My conclusion?

    Judging from my previous playthroughs and these 3 worlds only, I'm certain they're garanteed to spawn. however, they'll not spawn anymore near the center.
    The latter part is however intentional, as that has been a feature since 1.2.4:

    If I gotta be honest, While I approve a flat surface to build a base for it, I'll miss the crazy structures generated near spawn.
    It could be kind of interesting to have a world setting about mountain differences. but that's just my opinion.
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    These still show up for me, perhaps you are just having a spell of bad RNG? Either way, the flattening of the surface did make some changes to things like this and has been more flat for a long while now. Not really a bug at all
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    Yes, I just don't know how to call those.

    I,too, approve it being more flatter towards the spawn, but not a complete flat surface, because I can just create it with few bombs or even the copper pick ~:D
    I hope the devs add the flying small caves again, because they're cool. (I've also made all the worlds large, because I love 'em large. But i don't understand why the Large, Medium and Small world generator have to be this different, like the small is a little more irregular than the large. really ticks me off.)

    Probably XD
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    likely because the major updates are adding more biomes to the surface (underground desert been the last of them), and these will make the normal purity forest smaller, because there's less space, less forest-related structures will spawn too.