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So... is terraria OW still developing or you guys still busy?


Skeletron Prime
Theres been lots of major updates in the works, and know that pipeworks is finished with 1.3, or they gonna work on TOW or getting console up to speed?


But at the same time, the last update I see on the sticky is 15 months ago. This lack of communication doesn't set well with many people.


But at the same time, the last update I see on the sticky is 15 months ago. This lack of communication doesn't set well with many people.
Pipeworks started working on T:OW in April of this year after Re-Logic decided that the existing version was below their expected standard.
This is 8 months.
No-one knows if they were fixing what existed at that point or disposing of everything and starting again from scratch.
Therefore, the "many people" who are disappointed with the "lack of communication" are just going to have to wake up to reality and see the situation for what it is.
This is damage control of the highest degree and it will take time and effort and that applies to the "many people" also. They must put time and effort into being patient while the professionals do their work and develop a title that Re-Logic and Pipeworks can be proud of and that the "many people" will enjoy.
It has been stated many times before, but no developer "owes" anyone any news. Development is a complicated business and any news will only result in people wanting more or wanting to actually SEE something concrete. The same applies to NO news. So basically for a developer it's a no-win situation.
Fans, somehow feel they are obliged to be informed on the progress of a given product. This is just not true.
It will come when it comes.
There will be news and updates, or there won't.
There is no rule saying that because you like something you must be informed at all about the development process.
It is simply a case of waiting.
Sad perhaps, but true.


The Destroyer
Long time ago, they started with engine. Information surfaced that engine did nothing on the game for a year, Re-Logic kept delaying. Now, they have switched dev partners and might have to restart everything, however it is un-known. Just know that it is not cancelled

Just Monika

Skeletron Prime
Oh yeah, first pipeworks finishes 1.3, then they completely start Terraria OW again since there was a change of partners


Well, considering Pipeworks has been busy working on the 1.3 update for consoles, I feel that's why we haven't heard alot about Otheworld. Probably once they send the update out to all platforms that'll support it we'll eventually hear something

Unit One

Staff member
T:OW is dead. They are not working on it. It died silently like someone 100 years old.
There's been no official word that development has ended. Please do not spread your opinions as if they are fact. Unless you can back it up with an official source.
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