Solar Eclipse of 10/23/14 (Post your pics here)

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will you get a pic?

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  2. right away

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  3. ok then

  4. there is no eclipse

  5. i don't see anything.

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  1. DTi56

    DTi56 Official Terrarian

    Since you can't post profile status pics, here ya go @Devalaous
    A Solar Eclipse is happening!
    Wait, i will upload pic later it just started
  2. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    NASA told me that it should be maximum eclipse right now, so I went outside. There was no eclipse. I am seeing spots. Stupid NASA...
  3. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Official Terrarian

    oh wow i should totes look outside right no-
    *it's night here*
  4. DTi56

    DTi56 Official Terrarian

    image.jpg guys it's not a total eclipse, ok? just partially
    Welcome to Eclipse...
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  5. Devalaous

    Devalaous Terrarian

    Flying cookie! You had to bite it. Still, kinda cool.
  6. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    I know it's only a partial, but around here, at the time the NASA site said it should be most visible, there wasn't even a little visible.
  7. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    i got very good photos. im actually pretty lucky there were telescopes i could use

    photo 4.JPG

    photo 1-5.JPG

    photo 1-6.JPG

    photo 3-2.JPG

    photo 2-1.JPG

    photo 2-2.JPG

    i also have sketches but i will upload those later
  8. DTi56

    DTi56 Official Terrarian

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  9. Snickerbobble

    Snickerbobble Headless Horseman

    I guess I slept through it.. though supposedly it was at its fullest about when I got up, but I checked and saw just a normal sun.. and MY EYES! MY EYES! I only looked for a second but MY EYES!

    Also I like how when I type "solar eclipse" into google, the first suggested result is "Solar Eclipse 2014" and the second is "Solar Eclipse Terraria"
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  10. DTi56

    DTi56 Official Terrarian

    you need special glasses to look at them
  11. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    and i have 3 more photos

    photo 1.JPG

    photo 2-3.JPG

    photo 3-3.JPG
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  12. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    Can confirm that the goggles did nothing.
  13. DTi56

    DTi56 Official Terrarian

    you passed it then
  14. bunnyman15

    bunnyman15 Official Terrarian

  15. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    there will be one next year but it wont be as good as this one
  16. bunnyman15

    bunnyman15 Official Terrarian

    Will it be over Michigan?

    Edit: just checked, NOPE! NOT EVEN CLOSE! The next one we can see is in freaking 2024!
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  17. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    theres a total next year but its only seeable high in the northern hemisphere. im very dissapointed at this but at least they have the demonstration of it on
  18. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank Terrarian


    Zoomed in just a little but I think I got it. Even if I didn't, it certainly opens up the imagination.
  19. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Lunatic Cultist

    turns out the thing blocking the sun was an imperial star destroyer
  20. DTi56

    DTi56 Official Terrarian

    Jeez... R U kidding me
    Does that mean California
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