Console Solar Eclipse Summoning

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  1. PSVitaTerrarian

    PSVitaTerrarian Terrarian

    This guide is meant for anyone out there playing on console who is attempting to get any Solar Eclipse event drop currently in console without too much hassle- be it banners, Broken Hero Swords, etc. This could possibly be a glitch and considered cheating, but, you don't have to do it if you feel it is dishonorable.

    All you will need is:
    -gear for the event
    -autosave unchecked
    -a gold watch

    The method is simple: you equip a gold watch, save the game at 4:29 AM, and exit without saving until a Solar Eclipse occurs. The reason this works is because days in Terraria do not start until 4:30, and as soon as morning begins is when it is determined whether or not that day will have an Eclipse. If you saved at 4:30, however, it would be day, and Terraria would have already decided whether or not you get an Eclipse. Remember, repeat this step over and over until you get an Eclipse.

    Once the eclipse begins, you simply play through the event as per usual until you are satisfied. Another tip is to save as soon as the eclipse actually begins, and, if you don't get what you want, exit without saving, and try again. After you have obtained what you want, feel free to stop doing this.
  2. xxterminatorxx5

    xxterminatorxx5 Terrarian

    That's not cheating but I have been doing that since day 1

    My world for a while was stuck in a solar eclipse so it would kill all the noobs who would loot, that is until I decided to build
  3. TrevorTheDworf

    TrevorTheDworf Terrarian

    Nice. I'm gonna do that. thanks.:):merchantsmile:`:)
  4. PSVitaTerrarian

    PSVitaTerrarian Terrarian

    You're welcome. :)
  5. elenamylove

    elenamylove Terrarian

    Does this still work? Been playing for weeks trying to get this event to spawn and its killing me.
  6. PSVitaTerrarian

    PSVitaTerrarian Terrarian

    I can confirm that this does indeed still work.
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  7. elenamylove

    elenamylove Terrarian

    Omg sweet! Celestial Stone or whatever... You will be mine! Now the only thing left is to get past wave 12 of Frost Moon. The Ice Queen takes me too long to kill and progress on. Trying to finish up before next patch and make dump worlds in case my game gets bugged during patch.
  8. PSVitaTerrarian

    PSVitaTerrarian Terrarian

    Ice Queen is pretty difficult. What build are you playing?
  9. elenamylove

    elenamylove Terrarian

    Beatle armor, pumpkin king sword, max dmg reforge. Got a OK fight arena where 3 bunnies, 3 crabs, 2 birds 1 sec timer spawn and spam sword swings. Switch to Chain Gun with chrono ammo for Ice Queen but only gets me to wave 12 no deaths. Also got spikey ball traps all over and a main pit.
  10. PSVitaTerrarian

    PSVitaTerrarian Terrarian

    I would recommend setting up some traps, and get a Raven staff. Make sure your accessories are Menacing or Lucky.
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  11. Matthew Devenish

    Matthew Devenish Spazmatism

    This indeed is a very good tip! The exact chance is 4% or 1/20 every morning. I already have everything from this event, but could I suggest something? After you defeat the first one (and get good loot), simply wait until 4:29 AM the next morning and repeat. That way you can save your drops.
  12. PSVitaTerrarian

    PSVitaTerrarian Terrarian

    That's exactly what I always do if I got at least one piece of loot that I wanted. If I didn't get any loot other than banners, I just leave without saving and redo the event.
  13. Solidus 316

    Solidus 316 Skeletron Prime

    LOL this has not occurred to me! Thanks for the idea!!
  14. Enderwither02

    Enderwither02 Spazmatism

    Easy Terra Blade? I'm doing that! Thanks!
  15. thatRaGe

    thatRaGe Terrarian

    does this work across all versions?
  16. Dark Wiz

    Dark Wiz Spazmatism

    I haven't had a solar eclipse in about 3 Terraria weeks.
  17. Enderwither02

    Enderwither02 Spazmatism

    Solar Eclipses tend to have very low occurence rates. That's a normal thing.
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  18. Eli09

    Eli09 Terrarian

    Does this work for the Wii u edition of terraria
  19. akrobeau

    akrobeau Skeletron Prime

    Does it work now? I need one more Broken Hero sword and I’ll have the terra blade.
  20. KrisCarr

    KrisCarr Terrarian

    For anyone still wondering. I can confirm it does on the latest (and final I believe?) Vita build. Just had to use this trick after a few days (irl) waiting for my Terra Blade.