PC Solar Eruption Player Death

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Happened to anyone else with any weapon?

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  1. Themessy

    Themessy Terrarian

    While playing multi-player, I used a (Strong) Solar Eruption to fight the cultist, during the fight I died and the kill message read "Themessy was killed by Solar Eruption." (or something very similar.) I had run over a teleport pad moments before, not sure if that's relevant. I respawned and after a couple of hits died again by Solar Eruption, my character animation showed for a moment me apparently holding the weapon and I was taking fire damage and explosions as if the weapon was firing at me as an enemy. I could not swap weapons or click to stop using the weapon, it was perpetually in use on myself when respawning. (I could move however and was running around taking damage before I died each time.) I took a screen shot of multiple kill messages and the fiery animation that persisted throughout respawning. 2015-07-22_00002.jpg 2015-07-22_00004.jpg
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  2. Sheepsheepy

    Sheepsheepy Terrarian

    The same thing just happened to a friend while we were fighting moon lord multiplayer. A solar eclipse started during the fight, and when she died she had just enough time to jump up to a minecart track before dying to her own solar eruption. When she respawned (quicker than usual for a boss battle, too) she died again to her weapon. Didn't use it, just died to it, and couldn't switch weapons either. Then it randomly stopped happening after a couple of deaths.
  3. The Trumpets Of Hoenn

    The Trumpets Of Hoenn Official Terrarian

    Maybe it has something to do with teams and collision of the weapons? Like it thinks you're on a different team than yourself and the weapon hits you?
  4. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Trumpets of Hoenn raises an important point; what teams were active on this map? You appear to be on Blue team.
  5. InfinitySnail

    InfinitySnail Official Terrarian

    Does the Ancient Cultist have any reflection abilities? That would probably be the cause of this - if it were related to teams, the kill message would show ownership of the weapon.
  6. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    @Sheepsheepy, when did this happen? I noticed the report date on the first post was before the Solar Eruption NPC fix, and I would guess it was related.
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  7. Sheepsheepy

    Sheepsheepy Terrarian

    It happened the day I posted, so Sept. 7.

    Also both players were on green team if that's any help.
  8. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    And just for clarification, you weren't using any external tools like tshock or any mods?
  9. Sheepsheepy

    Sheepsheepy Terrarian

    Correct, no mods at all for either of us, just the game.
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  10. Jamm6gamer

    Jamm6gamer Skeletron Prime

    As everyone (except one thread) that has that error died when a solar eclipse was happening i think can be that the problem